Controversy Erupts as Oxlade Shares Old Instagram Chat with Late Singer Mohbad, Ignites Online Backlash

Controversy Erupts as Oxlade Shares Old Instagram Chat with Late Singer Mohbad, Ignites Online Backlash


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Emerging artist Oxlade has come under fire after revealing an old Instagram chat with the late singer, Mohbad.

The music industry, still in mourning over the loss of the young and talented Mohbad, was taken aback when Oxlade decided to share a message he had received from Mohbad back in 2018.

In this heartfelt message, Mohbad had lauded Oxlade for his exceptional singing prowess, describing his voice as extraordinary and expressing genuine admiration.

Unveiling the Unseen Restriction

However, what caught the attention of many was the fact that Oxlade had not only ignored the message but had also placed restrictions on Mohbad’s Instagram account.

This revelation was made when Oxlade inadvertently shared a screenshot showing the restriction badge on Mohbad’s account.


Realizing his mistake, Oxlade quickly deleted the image, unblocked Mohbad’s account, and reposted the same message, but the damage was already done.

Online Backlash

The online community was quick to react.

Soft Szn commented, “Oxlade really restricted Mohbad on Instagram, and still has the audacity to post his DM from 2018.

“Who does Oxlade think he is?”

Dr. Penking expressed his disappointment, stating, “All Mohbad had for every artiste was love, but they ignored him for no reason.


“Rema posted how he ignored him yesterday, and today it’s Oxlade.

“How come you can suddenly see his DMs now? Disgusting behavior. God will judge you.”

Queen Aeesha questioned Oxlade’s actions, asking, “Is Oxlade okay? He restricted Mohbad’s account and still posts a DM he hasn’t replied to since 2018.”

David Chubuike pointed out the hypocrisy, saying, “Oxlade restricted Mohbad on IG, preventing him from seeing when he read his messages. There are so many fake people in the industry.”


The controversy surrounding Oxlade’s disclosure of his old conversation with Mohbad raises questions about the dynamics of celebrity relationships, particularly in the context of social media.


While it’s not uncommon for artists to receive numerous messages and requests, this incident sheds light on how these interactions are managed.

Oxlade’s initial decision to restrict Mohbad’s account and later reveal the message from 2018 sparked outrage, with many fans and fellow artists expressing disappointment and frustration.

In an age where social media connects fans and artists more closely than ever before, transparency and authenticity are highly valued.

Oxlade’s actions, whether intentional or accidental, serve as a cautionary tale for public figures, highlighting the scrutiny they face and the potential consequences of their online behavior.

This incident also underscores the need for empathy and respect within the music industry and among artists, especially when it comes to acknowledging the support and admiration of their peers.


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