Conservative minister Penny Mordaunt opposes Church of England’s gay marriage ban

A prominent Tory pastor has criticized the Church of England for its opposition to same-sex unions.

In her two unsuccessful campaigns for party leader and prime minister last year, Penny Mordaunt accused religious leaders of treating LGBT people like “second-class citizens.”

The Commons Leader pleaded with Dr. Jonathan Frost to support changes to the rules governing ceremonies at the General Synod in February in a letter she sent to the Bishop of Portsmouth while serving as an MP for the city.

Tory minister Penny Mordaunt slams the Church of England over gay marriage ban

Same-sex weddings cannot be performed by Church of England clergy, and they also cannot take place in a church. But there are more and more requests for adjustments.

Ms. Mordaunt, whose homosexual twin brother James is the recipient of the letter, urged Bishop Jonathan to acknowledge the “hurt and suffering” the church’s stance was bringing.

“I realize you have a lot on your mind while you deliberate, but I hope you will support change, enabling churches and clergy to officiate at same-sex marriages or, at the very least, granting sanctioned blessings.

She said, “I want to see all of my constituents and others in England have the right to have their relationship solemnized in their local parish.”

It’s crucial to acknowledge the suffering and anguish that many LGBT+ individuals continue to experience as a result of this, leaving them with the impression that they are regarded like second-class citizens in our society. As a unionist, I would also enjoy some uniformity on these issues across the UK.

Other Anglican churches in the UK will hold same-sex nuptials while the Church of England forbids ceremonies.

James Mordaunt criticized the government’s position on gay and trans rights last year, accusing Conservative MPs of being “complicit” in the prejudice.

He had previously shown his sister a lot of love by sending her photographs and talking about how proud they were of her.

Church of England ministers are legally barred from conducting same-sex marriages, and they cannot be held in church. But there are increasing calls for changes to be made.

However, Mr. Mordaunt claimed to his 45,000 Twitter followers in February 2017 that LGBTQI+ rights had “gone backwards” under the Conservatives.

“If you are a Conservative Party member, a Conservative MP, or a member of this homophobic, transphobic government, you are complicit,” the 48-year-old said.

Regardless of your voting history, you are now blatantly operating under a framework that significantly worsens the lives of LGBTQI+ individuals. In my neighborhood, everyone just wants to live their lives as they see fit.

Oliver Dowden, a Tory minister, was singled out for attack by James, a Virgin Atlantic steward and avid bodybuilder, when he delivered a speech ranting against “woke warriors.”

»Conservative minister Penny Mordaunt opposes Church of England’s gay marriage ban«

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