Coach Jorge Vilda Under Scrutiny in Kissing Controversy Involving Ex-Spanish FA President

Coach Jorge Vilda Under Scrutiny in Kissing Controversy Involving Ex-Spanish FA President

Coach Jorge Vilda Faces Investigation in Kissing Scandal

Coach Jorge Vilda, the mastermind behind Spain’s victory in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, is now under investigation concerning a controversial kissing incident involving the former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales.

This development comes shortly after Vilda’s dismissal from his coaching position, which was part of the fallout from the said kissing scandal.

The Kissing Scandal Unfolded

The incident in question transpired on August 20, immediately following the Women’s World Cup final between England and Spain, in which the Spanish team emerged victorious with a 1-0 win.


During the medal presentation ceremony, Luis Rubiales, who was the RFEF president at the time, allegedly kissed the team’s star forward, Jenni Hermoso, on the lips without her consent.

Hermoso made it clear that the kiss occurred without her permission, and this incident ultimately led to Rubiales’ resignation from his role.

The charges against him include coercion and sexual assault, which he vehemently denies.

Coach Vilda’s Involvement in the Investigation

As part of the legal process to determine Rubiales’ culpability or innocence in the matter, Coach Jorge Vilda, who is considered a close associate of Rubiales, is scheduled to appear before the Spanish National Court on October 10.


Vilda’s alleged involvement in coercing Jenni Hermoso, who claimed that she, her family, and friends were pressured to defend Rubiales’ actions, is at the center of the investigation.

Although Hermoso made these claims in Spanish media, Vilda has denied any such involvement.

Other Figures Under Scrutiny

In addition to Coach Vilda, other individuals are also being scrutinized in connection with the kissing scandal.

Albert Luque, the director of the men’s national team, and Ruben Rivera, the head of marketing for the RFEF, have been questioned as witnesses in the ongoing investigation.


As a result of the allegations and investigation, Luis Rubiales has been issued a restraining order that prohibits him from coming within 200 meters of Jenni Hermoso.

The outcome of this investigation could have significant implications for all parties involved in the kissing scandal.

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