Cardinal Sako Urges Overhaul of Iraq’s Political System on 21st Anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s Fall

Cardinal Sako Urges Overhaul of Iraq’s Political System on 21st Anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s Fall

As Iraq approaches the 21st anniversary of the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime, Cardinal Louis Raphael Sako, the patriarch of the Chaldean Church, has issued a compelling call for a comprehensive reevaluation of the country’s political structure.

grounded in sectarianism and quota-sharing, the cardinal advocates for the establishment of a new consensus formula, one grounded in the principles of full citizenship.

According to Sako, such an approach would ensure a more promising future for Iraqis, preserving the diverse mosaic of communities and their inherent rights, which he describes as the “beauty of Iraq.”

Cardinal Sako Stresses the Need for Full Citizenship-Based Formula

In his plea for change, Cardinal Sako emphasizes the importance of transitioning away from the existing sectarian-based political system.

Proposing a formula based on full citizenship, he envisions a framework that transcends religious and ethnic divisions, fostering unity and inclusivity.

The cardinal believes that such a paradigm shift is essential for guaranteeing the rights of all communities and creating a stable foundation for Iraq’s future.

Ramadan Regret: Destructive War Persists in Holy Lands

Cardinal Sako expresses regret that, as the holy month of Ramadan approaches, Iraq continues to be marred by a destructive war.

In the midst of conflicts and human rights violations, he laments the ongoing challenges faced by the Iraqi people.

The cardinal calls attention to the significance of Ramadan and underscores the need for peace in the region, emphasizing that peace is not merely an abstract concept but a vital life project that must be actively cultivated and embodied in the daily lives of individuals.

Peace as a Vital Life Project: Cardinal Sako’s Call for Daily Embodiment

Beyond the realm of ideas, Cardinal Sako views peace as a fundamental life project that must permeate daily existence.

His call extends beyond political reform, emphasizing the importance of individuals embodying the principles of peace in their daily lives.

In a region marked by conflict and violations of human rights, freedom, and dignity, the cardinal’s plea underscores the urgency of cultivating a culture of peace that transcends sectarian divides and contributes to the overall well-being of the Iraqi people.

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