Bishop Calls Out Archbishop Viganò Over Allegations of Shamanism Promotion: Demands Public Apology

Bishop Calls Out Archbishop Viganò Over Allegations of Shamanism Promotion: Demands Public Apology

In a letter addressed to Archbishop Viganò, Bishop Powers of the Diocese of Superior expressed dismay and disappointment over recent accusations made by the archbishop regarding the promotion of Shamanism within the diocese.

Powers highlighted the longstanding tradition of honoring Native American heritage in the diocese’s celebrations, asserting that Viganò’s allegations were unfounded and lacked prior consultation.

Demand for Courtesy: Bishop Powers Requests Apology from Archbishop Viganò

Expressing surprise at the public nature of the accusations, Bishop Powers underscored his expectation of prior communication from Archbishop Viganò before any allegations were made.

Powers emphasized the need for respectful dialogue within the Church and urged Viganò to extend the courtesy of a public apology to both him and the diocese.

Questioning Archbishop’s Conduct: Bishop Powers Criticizes Viganò’s Rhetoric

In his letter, Bishop Powers questioned the appropriateness of Archbishop Viganò’s rhetoric, stating that it did not align with the conduct expected of an Archbishop of the Catholic Church.

Powers asserted that Viganò’s statements not only misrepresented the diocese’s practices but also brought harm to the faithful under his care.

Allegations Against Archbishop Viganò: A History of Controversy

Archbishop Viganò’s tenure as the Vatican’s top diplomat to the U.S. was marked by controversy, including his public accusations against Church leaders, including Pope Francis, regarding the handling of sexual abuse allegations.

Additionally, Viganò garnered attention for his open letter to then-President Donald Trump, where he espoused conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic and the supposed involvement of the “deep state.”

Seeking Reconciliation: Bishop Powers Calls for Public Apology and Reconciliation

In light of the recent tensions, Bishop Powers emphasized the importance of reconciliation and called upon Archbishop Viganò to publicly apologize for his unfounded allegations.

Powers stressed the need for unity within the Church and expressed hope for a resolution that would restore trust and harmony among the faithful.