Adorable Canine Sensation Messi Steals the Limelight with ‘Clapping’ Act at Oscars in Los Angeles

Adorable Canine Sensation Messi Steals the Limelight with ‘Clapping’ Act at Oscars in Los Angeles

At the 96th Academy Awards, the unexpected star of the show was not a Hollywood A-lister, but rather the canine actor Messi from ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ This talented French pooch made a surprise appearance, charming audiences and even earning approval from actor Ryan Gosling as he ‘clapped’ for Robert Downey Jr. in a now-viral cutaway clip. Despite the clever use of fake paws revealed in behind-the-scenes footage, Messi’s adorable moment became one of the night’s most talked-about highlights, with social media users declaring him the ‘true star’ of the ceremony.

Social Media Frenzy Over Messi’s Oscars Appearance

The behind-the-scenes revelation that Messi’s ‘clapping’ moment was pre-recorded didn’t diminish the excitement around the canine star. Social media buzzed with clips capturing Ryan Gosling’s delighted reaction to Messi, who was impeccably dressed in a bow tie, seated in his own spot at the ceremony. Host Jimmy Kimmel even joked about Messi’s performance, playfully suggesting that the dog might have given the “performance of the year” for his role in ‘Anatomy of a Fall,’ particularly highlighting a memorable overdose scene.

Messi’s Surprise Attendance and Ryan Gosling’s Reaction

Contrary to earlier reports that Messi wouldn’t travel to Los Angeles for the Oscars, the French-based Border Collie surprised fans by attending the ceremony alongside his trainer and owner, Laura Martin. Viewers at home couldn’t contain their joy at seeing Messi seated at the Oscars, with many taking to social media to express their delight. Some playfully suggested that Messi was “robbed for supporting actor,” while others couldn’t help but gush over Ryan Gosling’s heartwarming reaction to the furry attendee.

Jimmy Kimmel’s Comedy and Messi’s Rising Fame

Jimmy Kimmel, in his opening monologue, acknowledged Messi’s rising profile and humorously praised the dog’s performance in ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ The comedian’s banter further fueled Messi’s status as an unexpected sensation. Messi’s Instagram video appearance, where Kimmel ran jokes by the pup for approval, showcased the playful camaraderie between the host and the four-legged celebrity.

Messi’s Journey from Cannes to Hollywood

Messi’s journey to stardom began at Cannes, where he first garnered attention. His trainer, Laura, shared that the pup’s fame skyrocketed in the U.S., especially after the success of ‘Anatomy of a Fall.’ Playing the guide dog Snoop in the film, Messi’s challenging role involved simulating moments like playing dead, requiring meticulous training and preparation. Laura detailed the careful steps taken to achieve the desired performance, emphasizing the hard work that goes into even the simplest actions on-screen.

A Dog’s Day Out: From Cannes to the Oscars Nominees’ Luncheon

Messi’s acting prowess earned him an invitation to the annual Oscars nominees’ luncheon, where he mingled with A-list stars like Billie Eilish and Bradley Cooper. An unofficial accolade came Messi’s way at the Cannes Film Festival, where he received the Palm Dog. While not an Oscar nominee, Messi’s presence and popularity have solidified his status as a beloved and unexpected star, making him a highlight of this year’s awards season.

In conclusion, Messi’s delightful appearance at the Oscars not only added a touch of charm to the ceremony but also showcased the increasing recognition and adoration for animal actors in the film industry, with social media abuzz over the lovable French pooch.

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