Adekunle Olopade Praises Evicted Housemate Venita as “Sweetest Soul”

Adekunle Olopade Praises Evicted Housemate Venita as “Sweetest Soul”

Adekunle Olopade’s Heartfelt Tribute to Venita Akpofure

Adekunle Olopade, a housemate on Big Brother Naija All Stars, expressed deep admiration for his love interest, Venita Akpofure, who was evicted from the show on Sunday.

During the Lipton Ice Tea task on Tuesday, Adekunle dedicated his best special ex-housemate shoutout speech to Venita, describing her as the sweetest soul he has ever encountered.

Venita: A Unique Emotional Personality

In his touching tribute, Adekunle revealed that Venita was perhaps the most emotional person he has ever met.


He expressed concern for her well-being, noting that she often placed others’ needs and emotions above her own.

He praised her for her genuine and caring nature.

The Impact of Caring Too Much

Adekunle acknowledged that Venita’s strong connections with people she cared for sometimes led to trouble and heartbreak for her.

He confessed that during the initial weeks in the Big Brother house, he was apprehensive about how deeply she cared for others and how it might affect her.


Despite witnessing her emotional challenges, he admired her resilience and ability to bounce back from disappointments.

A Remarkable Woman and Mother

Adekunle Olopade went on to celebrate Venita as a remarkable woman who, like a phoenix, rises from every disappointment with hope and an even greater capacity for love and encouragement.

He also acknowledged her role as a mother of two beautiful individuals, highlighting the multifaceted nature of her character.

A Touching Tribute


Adekunle Olopade’s tribute to Venita Akpofure touched upon her emotional depth, caring nature, and resilience.

It was a testament to the deep connection formed between housemates during their time on Big Brother Naija All Stars and highlighted the impact of Venita’s presence on Adekunle’s experience in the house

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