Will Bray Wyatt return to WWE on Friday?

Will Bray Wyatt return to WWE on Friday?

WWE appear to have teased the return of popular character ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt to programming in the near future.

A strong of QR codes embedded into the broadcast of Raw on Monday hinting heavily at the return of Bray Wyatt, who was shockingly released from the company in 2021.

Is Bray Wyatt returning to WWE?

The man behind the character, Windham Rotunda, has kept himself busy with projects outside of wrestling but has consistently teased his return.

Bray Wyatt

Will the Fiend feature in Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE.

While all indications are that the so-called ‘White Rabbit’ media snippets point to the return of some iteration of a Bray Wyatt character it is unclear if this means that the masked character of The Fiend will be brought back despite how immensely popular it was and still is.

Another numerical code teased during these snippets of media released by WWE suggests that something is set to go down on Smackdown this Friday that relates to these codes and teasers.

It has been noted that WWE have played a version of the Jefferson Airship song at live shows in recent weeks, with the lights in the arena dimmed in a manner that hearkened to the entrance used by Wyatt during the eater of worlds era.

One of these QR codes on Raw led to a graphic of a game of hangman with the clue, who killed the world, before it spells out ‘You did’.

That echoes something Bray Wyatt said during an interview segment with Michael Cole some years back when he said that Cole and people like him had made the world sick.

Fans have been clamouring for the return of Bray Wyatt, who brings a unique presentation to his work and has been lauded as one of the finest minds in sports entertainment.

Will we see Bray Wyatt return to WWE on Friday night Smackdown, you can find out by tuning into the WWE Channel on DStv on Saturday morning from 02:00.

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