Why should people watch ‘PS: I Love You’?

Why should people watch ‘PS: I Love You’?

With their four-part wedding special, “PS: I Love You, Phumeza and Shota’s Wedding Special,” the actress and TV host Phumeza Mdabe and her husband, music producer Mnqobi ‘Shota’ Mdabe, will give Mzansi an inside peek at their wedding.

In an interview with IOL Entertainment, the actress discussed how her musician husband popped the question in 2012.

She stated, “I spent the December holidays in the Eastern Cape.” On December 27th, I awoke wondering why my aunt wanted us to prepare a special lunch when we had just done so on Christmas Day.

“Only to discover that, except for myself, everyone knew his guys were going to negotiate lobola that day. I’ve just heard individuals at the gate.

“My father asked me whether I knew these individuals, to which I replied that this was my husband’s way of proposing marriage. “Of course, I stated I recognized these individuals,” she said.

Shota was assigned to work on Phumeza’s debut album “Feeling Brand New” in 2007, after she signed with Universal Music.

Phumeza recalls that it took a few months of getting to know one another before the relationship began.

The couple, who have been together for eight years, attributes their successful relationship to their mutual tolerance.

“Because we were raised in extremely abrasive circumstances, we had to relearn all the poisonous characteristics and assist one another during our recuperation. This required learning how to be vulnerable with one another.

“Because of the things we each inadvertently brought into our marriage, we’ve had to fight extremely hard to get here. However, both sides must be willing,” she stated.

Phumeza and Shota are a discreet couple who have offered the public occasional glances into their lives.

They opted to let cameras inside because they want to share their trip with others.

“We want to share the knowledge we’ve gained from our adventure. The things we’ve learned about the significance of doing the right thing when it comes to one’s African ancestry, particularly when deciding to get married.

“So that others can avoid experiencing what we did, because all that is required is information. We could have avoided more than half of what we went through to learn what we did if we had known certain things,” Shota explained.

Family turmoil is inevitable at any wedding, and the pair dealt with their fair share of it.

“Our family were aware of what was required. “Therefore, despite the fact that tempers occasionally flared due to pressure, etc., they usually subsided quickly since everyone was focused on the broader picture,” she explained.

Both Phumeza and Shota have developed thick skin from being in the public eye for so long. So they are well aware of the risks associated with allowing the world a glimpse into their private lives.

Shota explained, “We are very cautious about keeping our relationship and reasons for wanting to start a family apart from the entertainment world and social media.”

“We anticipate projection after people see that we are not the ‘lavish’ celebrity couple they believe we are. If we could do what we do without the fame, we would choose that without hesitation,” Phumeza explained.

Additionally, Shota and Phumeza prepped their children for the reality television moment.

“However, we have been chatting with the children, particularly our 10-year-old daughter.” We are quite anxious about how they will handle the situation. As soon as the show airs, our therapist is prepared to get to work! Hahaha”

People should watch Phumeza and Shota’s four-part wedding special “to witness how God can take you from the top to the bottom and build you back up, but this time, with so much knowledge, strength, and the true grasp of what life is,” according to the couple.

“This has been the course of our marriage. The majority of the time, love involves trials, duties, and accountability, as well as happiness, fulfillment, and purpose. In addition, we share the lessons we’ve learned about the significance of our lineage.

“Most essential, people should watch so that they can laugh and realize that hope still exists.”

“PS: I Love You, Phumeza and Shota’s Wedding Special” will premiere on Mzansi Magic on Heritage Day at 6pm (DStv channel 161).

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