West London studio flat with a bathtub next to the oven is mocked online

West London studio flat with a bathtub next to the oven is mocked online

On social media, a small studio apartment in West London with a shower cubicle next to the oven has been made fun of.

The house, which costs £850 a month, sits in west London’s fashionable Notting Hill neighbourhood and is just a five-minute walk from the closest subway stop.

The single bed is positioned inside as an obstructive element, standing uncomfortably in the corner like a nervous adolescent at their first school dance, sitting nude under a small window, next to a mismatched wardrobe.

To provide the impression that the space is larger, a huge mirror has been mounted on the wall directly across from the kitchen area. It creates a deceptive illusion by leading the eye to believe that the refrigerator, sink, and stove are located in a separate room that is accessed by a serving hatch.

However, the badly positioned wardrobe, which is itself held away from the wall by a 30 cm-wide shelf, blocks a large portion of the mirror. The new tenant’s available floorspace is further reduced as a result.

The tiny single bed would make it difficult for many people to spend the night in the room, therefore an oil-filled electric radiator was brought in to augment the house’s central heating system.

The neighborhood’s studio flats sometimes rent for more than £1,000 per month.

Few people would construct a glass shower enclosure next to the stove in plain view of the bed, which is only a few steps away.

In the odd occasion that the renter invites a guest over for a quick dinner to be eaten sitting on the edge of the bed, potentially peering out toward the net curtains, it is a relief that the toilet has its own wooden door offering a degree of dignity.

Prior to moving in, the new tenant will be required to provide the landlord a £1,700 deposit and pay their council tax payment a short while later.

Other from an internet subscription, other expenses are covered by the rent. The BBC licence fee must also be paid by the renter if they are able to locate a flat-screen television.

The internet advertisement was seen by Rita Simoes-Muir, who commented, “Being able to wash and watch your supper while it’s cooking – that’s handy.”

Oh, that’s grim, observed Kelly, another commenter.

At least it requires little upkeep, a third said.

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