Waterfront Property in Alameda is Selling for $400,000

Waterfront Property in Alameda is Selling for $400,000

House hunting in California’s competitive real estate market can be a daunting and expensive endeavor.

However, a remarkable property in Alameda, across the bay from San Francisco, has hit the market for just $400,000.

This unique waterfront location offers a rare chance for a visionary buyer to transform it into a stunning and valuable home.

The Purchase and Location

The current owner purchased this intriguing piece of land for $100,000 at an auction in March 2023, sight unseen.

Despite the price increasing fourfold, realtors still consider it a potential bargain given its prime location.

Situated on a beautiful lagoon in Alameda, this property provides ample space for development and the potential for substantial future appreciation.

An Unexpected Challenge

The primary catch with this property is that it is entirely underwater, a detail the current owner discovered only after the purchase.

While this might initially seem like a significant drawback, it opens up unique opportunities for creative and innovative construction solutions.

The idea is to build a home on stilts, keeping it elevated above the waterline and safe from rising sea levels.

The Vision for Development

Transforming this underwater land into a livable and luxurious home will require considerable investment and meticulous planning.

Potential buyers will need to secure various special approvals and permits, and conduct comprehensive surveys, including assessing the lagoon floor’s foundation.

Despite these challenges, realtors remain optimistic about the property’s potential.

April Jones, the realtor handling the sale, emphasized the unique nature of this property. “One of the neighbors contacted me and said, ‘Oh, is this a joke?’ And I said, ‘No it’s not a joke.’

Someone bought it and they own it now,” she shared with ABC7. “This is unique to me. This is the first time I’ve come across something like this. I’ve had some unusual properties in my career, but this is a first.”

The Building Process

Even after the land is sold, constructing a home will be a complex and lengthy process. Builders will need to address several technical challenges, including the potential rise in sea levels and ensuring the structure remains above water.

The plot’s proximity to a road bridge adds another layer of complexity, necessitating careful planning and design to ensure seamless integration with the surrounding environment.

Potential and Appeal

Despite the challenges, the lagoon’s serene and picturesque setting holds significant appeal. The area is quiet, peaceful, and offers a sense of seclusion, making it an ideal location for a private oasis.

April Jones believes that with the right vision, this property could become someone’s dream home. “The lagoon area is beautiful. It’s peaceful. It’s very quiet. It’s like having your own little oasis,” she noted.

Market Insights

Local resident Chris Womack expressed confidence in the property’s potential to attract a buyer, particularly someone from the affluent Silicon Valley community.

“It’s funny because that’s probably the cheapest property in town,” Womack said. “Alameda’s got a good reputation and people will absolutely spend the money.

You just got to find the right tech person and they’ll get in here and be sure to make it the most expensive property on the block.”


The waterfront property in Alameda represents a unique and intriguing opportunity for a visionary buyer.

Despite its current underwater status and the significant investment required for development, its potential to become a stunning and valuable home is undeniable.

As realtors and locals alike remain optimistic, this property could eventually become a prized gem in California’s real estate market.

With careful planning, investment, and creativity, the right buyer could transform this lagoon plot into an idyllic, luxurious retreat.

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