US Turns Down China’s Ukraine Ceasefire Initiative

US Turns Down China’s Ukraine Ceasefire Initiative

The US has rejected China’s call for a ceasefire in Ukraine, stating that it would consolidate Russia’s gains and provide the Kremlin an opportunity to launch another offensive.

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The White House views the proposal as an endorsement of Russia’s conquest and a means for Russia to entrench itself further in Ukraine.

National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby expressed concerns about the proposal and China’s role as a peacemaker.

He suggested that China’s plan would ultimately benefit Russia at the expense of Ukraine.

The rejection comes as Chinese President Xi Jinping plans to visit Moscow and meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Meanwhile, the International Criminal Court (ICC) has issued a warrant for Putin’s arrest on charges of war crimes related to the abduction of children from Ukraine.

Moscow does not recognize the ICC’s jurisdiction, making it uncertain how the warrant will be enforced.

China’s neutrality in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is increasingly questioned as Xi and Putin plan to meet and discuss deepening their strategic cooperation.

The White House urges China to engage with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and remains concerned about China’s possible supply of lethal weapons to Russia.

Kirby stated that the US is not actively arranging a call between President Biden and President Xi, but discussions may proceed in the coming days.

In their meeting, Xi and Putin will discuss the development of their strategic partnership and exchange views on international cooperation.

China has condemned Western sanctions and accused NATO and the US of provoking Russia, while supporting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries.

»US Turns Down China’s Ukraine Ceasefire Initiative«

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