Unpaid Beneficiaries: DA Women’s Network Raises Alarm over South Africa’s Grant Payment Crisis

Unpaid Beneficiaries: DA Women’s Network Raises Alarm over South Africa’s Grant Payment Crisis

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

The Gauteng North DA Women’s Network (DAWN) has expressed deep concern regarding the increasing number of social grant beneficiaries who have not received their payments since 2022.


The network emphasizes the need for effective leadership, political will, and compassion in the grant payment system, particularly for the most vulnerable individuals in society who heavily rely on taxpayer-funded support.

Incompetence and Callousness in Grant Payments:

Cllr Sandy K Mbuvha, Chairperson of the DA Women’s Network Gauteng North, highlighted the shocking incompetence and callousness demonstrated by the department responsible for grant payments.

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She pointed out that beneficiaries not only face the constant worry of late payments, but they also often endure inhumane and inhospitable conditions when seeking assistance at SASSA offices.

Blaming ANC and EFF for SASSA Failures:

Mbhuvha criticized the ANC-EFF doomsday pact for exacerbating the recurring problems within the grant payment system.

She argued that these failures cripple the social support structures relied upon by the nation’s children and elderly, trapping South Africans in poverty instead of empowering them.

Additionally, Mbuvha emphasized the failure of SASSA to communicate clearly and treat the people of the country with honesty and respect.


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The Gauteng North Women’s Network’s Campaign:

To address this crisis, the Gauteng North DAWN has launched a comprehensive campaign aimed at assisting legitimate beneficiaries.

The network urges residents to submit their requests to dawngn@da.org.za or WhatsApp 082 769 4238, following a specific format that includes their personal details and the type of grant they are applying for.

The network will escalate these issues to the Shadow Minister to ensure government accountability.

Demand for Action and Accountability:

Mbhuvha called upon the Minister of Social Development to demonstrate compassion and commitment to the well-being of South Africans.

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She urged a return to the drawing board, emphasizing the importance of adhering to the provisions of the SASSA Act to effectively manage the support provided by taxpayers to those in dire need of assistance.


The Gauteng North DAWN is actively engaged in addressing the grant payment crisis by assisting beneficiaries and advocating for government accountability.

The network stresses the urgent need for leadership, honesty, and respect in managing social support systems to uplift those most in need.

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