Two schoolgirls play on Wimbledon’s ice lake

Two schoolgirls play on Wimbledon’s ice lake

The day after six children fell into frigid waters while doing the same activity in Solihull, two schoolgirls were seen this morning risking their lives while standing on a frozen pond in London.

The two were seen in Wimbledon Common this morning in the capital’s subzero conditions. They seemed to be unaware of any risk.

The depth of the water there is unknown, but a similar tragedy that occurred yesterday night in the Midlands precedes this one.

Following the incident at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull yesterday shortly after 2.30pm, two youngsters under the age of 12 are believed dead and four of their pals are in a serious state.

Four kids were retrieved from the lake in a cardiac arrest and sent to the hospital in serious condition.

One youngster reportedly passed away at a hospital yesterday night, according to local media, but authorities would not confirm this.

Late yesterday, specialized police divers were seen diving into the ocean while lit only by torches.

However, as optimism for the two missing youngsters wanes, fire workers have said that the operation is now more of a “recovery than a rescue.”

The ice split under two youngsters who were reportedly under the age of twelve when they were playing on it. As a result, their buddies allegedly ran into the lake to attempt to assist them only to get themselves into trouble.

Emergency services confirmed four children were battling for their life in the hospital at a news conference last night. They also said search operations were ongoing amid rumors of two other youngsters being involved.

The Fire and Rescue Service said that although searches would carry on into the night, they would no longer be considered rescue operations.

Cameron McVittie, tactical commander of West Midlands Ambulance Service, said that there would be “no clinical updates” on any of the children at this time in response to questions about local claims that one youngster had passed away.

Witnesses reported witnessing emergency personnel “smashing through” the lake’s surface ice as the first responders dove into the water to save the closest youngster.

Due to “the incident at Babbs Mill,” St Anthony’s Primary School in Kingshurt made the following announcement last night.

»Two schoolgirls play on Wimbledon’s ice lake«

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