Two persons ‘fall off’ an Ice Skater ride following a’massive bang’ at Cardiff Winter Wonderland

Two individuals were transported to the hospital after falling off the Ice Skater attraction at Winter Wonderland in Cardiff.

Yesterday at approximately 5:15 p.m., witnesses observed several individuals fall from the ride after hearing a “huge blast.”

Following the event, two people were transported to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff, according to a Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson.

A 13-year-old rider reported seeing a woman become wedged between the ride and the railings. She stated that employees attempted to stop the ride as soon as possible, but it took a few minutes to slow down.

Seren McCallum-Weller, who was enjoying her birthday with her family at Winter Wonderland, stated, “I was on the Ice Skater ride with my cousin. We were just enjoying ourselves when we heard a loud explosion. I had no idea what that was. We looked behind us and noticed that the ride was still moving before noticing a woman on the ground.

Then we noticed a second woman who had been forced against the rails, which had moved. She got caught between the ride and the guardrails.

I believe a third woman was thrown into the rails. A few children on the trip were 11 or 12 years old or younger.

Seren explained that the ride consists of many clusters of four seats that spin and move diagonally’very quickly’

She continued, “The ride slowed down and came to a stop approximately one or two minutes after the incident.” The attendants attempted to halt it immediately.

“One of the women sustained a head injury, and there was blood.” I believe she may have broken her ankle as well. I believe one of them to have been unconscious. I was panicking. I observed one woman stand up, and as I was leaving, I heard another woman sobbing. I pray that the women are okay.

You watch similar events on YouTube and hear about them occurring to others, but it’s terrifying when it occurs to you. It has frightened me, and I will avoid amusement parks and rides in the future.

Laura Rogers from Pontypridd witnessed the event while visiting Winter Wonderland with her family. The 29-year-old stated, “We were playing on the opposite games when we heard some ruckus.”

As we looked over, we observed the security personnel frantically scurrying around. We observed that they hurried to a cabin. They then departed carrying a medical bag. As they hurried passed us, we followed in their footsteps. Then I realized an accident had occurred on the ride.

Then they removed one of the side railings. I then observed a woman or girl pinned against it on the side. As I continued walking, I observed another girl who appeared unconscious. During this moment, there were shoes on the floor that appeared to have flown off. After a few period of standing, I spotted a member of the security crew speaking with my mother-in-law.

He informed her that the bars had been thrown open…. It was terrible to watch for my five-year-old daughter who rides this ride, as well as for everyone who had to witness it while they were merely there to enjoy themselves.

A spokesperson for the Welsh Ambulance Service stated, “We received a call at 5:15 p.m. stating that two patients were reported to have fallen off a ride at Winter Wonderland.” Our cycling response crew, which was in the city center for the rugby match, was sent. It was requested that an ambulance transport two patients to the hospital.

It is believed that Winter Wonderland opened today as planned, but the Ice Skater attraction is not operational. MailOnline has reached out to Winter Wonderland, Cardiff Council, and the Health and Safety Executive for comment.

»Two persons ‘fall off’ an Ice Skater ride following a’massive bang’ at Cardiff Winter Wonderland«

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