Tuscany Glen High School Faces Parental Backlash over Confiscated Cellphones and ‘Return Fee’

Tuscany Glen High School Faces Parental Backlash over Confiscated Cellphones and ‘Return Fee’

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

Parents at Tuscany Glen High School in South Africa are refusing to pay a “return fee” of R700 to retrieve their children’s confiscated cellphones.


The parents are demanding that the school return the phones, as they believe their children were instructed by teachers to take the devices out of their school bags and place them on their desks.

The inconsistent policies regarding cellphones at the school have caused confusion among the parents.

According to an anonymous staff member, on May 11, teachers entered a Grade 8 class and instructed the learners to take out their cellphones.

The staff member revealed that the students became fearful when the teachers locked the door and complied by placing their phones on their desks.

The staff member supports the parents’ demands, explaining that teachers often allow students to use their cellphones to take pictures of their school work when they don’t have textbooks or are unable to complete their work by the end of the day.

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Furthermore, the staff member highlighted the inconsistency in enforcing the cellphone policy, pointing out that the day after the incident, students were seen openly using their cellphones without any consequences.


This inconsistency emphasizes the need to review and clarify the school’s policy on cellphones.

In another concerning incident, a female student claimed that a male teacher took her to the office while holding her by the neck.

This incident has also been brought to the attention of the parents.

The Western Cape Education Department’s spokesperson, Millicent Merton, supported the school’s actions, stating that all parents were provided with the Code of Conduct.

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According to the Code of Conduct, students must hand over their cellphones to their class teacher before the start of school, and no cellphones are allowed between 8 am and 3 pm.

The Code of Conduct also stipulates that students can retrieve their cellphones by paying a fine or at the end of the year.

The school implemented these rules to maintain discipline.

In conclusion, the parents of Tuscany Glen High School are challenging the school’s “return fee” for confiscated cellphones and demanding that the devices be returned.


They seek consistency in the school’s cellphone policy.

The staff member who supported the parents revealed additional concerns regarding the use of cellphones in the classroom.

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The Western Cape Education Department, however, supports the school’s implementation of rules to ensure discipline.


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