Three of Pietermaritzburg’s “most-wanted” were killed by SAPS

Three of Pietermaritzburg’s “most-wanted” were killed by SAPS

After three of the city’s “most-wanted suspects” were ruthlessly murdered down by SAPS police this week, a storm of bullets was fired over one of Pietermaritzburg’s main roadways.

On Wednesday afternoon, a firefight broke out, and from the looks of it, the Wild West was in full swing.

Three people are killed in a SAPS shooting in Pietermaritzburg.

The individuals targeted by police had previously beaten up on neighbourhood law enforcement officers and acted freely when they raided shops. They targeted a company yesterday before their luck ran out, but not before they helped themselves to cash, mobile phones, and other valuables.

Police were promptly called to the location. On Pietermaritz Street in the city, the action happened. Five suspects were trying to escape in a white VW Polo after committing yet another store heist.

However, when their escape options were closed, these guys’ desperation overcame them.

Suspects on KZN’s “most-wanted” list meet a terrible end

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The dramatic incident went from robbery to harsh retribution in a couple of minutes. It is anticipated that this severely depleted gang will no longer be able to terrorise the Pietermaritzburg town once the courage of the police officers who participated in the operation has been recognised.

The getaway driver was found slumped over the steering wheel and two dead were recovered by the side of the road. The route was blocked by police on Wednesday afternoon, and it was reopened to traffic late yesterday night. However, police are still looking for the guys who escaped.

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