Thick Smoke Descends on New York City: Impact of Canadian Wildfires

Thick Smoke Descends on New York City: Impact of Canadian Wildfires

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

NYC Landmarks Covered in Smoke from Canadian Wildfires


New York City experienced the effects of smoke from Canadian wildfires on Tuesday, with iconic landmarks obscured and residents donning masks.

The smoke, originating from fires in Canada, descended upon the city, casting an orange glow during the sunset and impacting air quality.

This article explores the impact of the smoke on New Yorkers and the concerning forecast for worsening conditions.

Smoke Descends on NYC:

Pictures captured the sight of thick smoke enveloping New York City, shrouding prominent structures like the Empire State Building and Statue of Liberty.

As the smoke spread, residents noticed its pungent odor in the air.


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In the Bronx, baseball fans attending a game reported being able to detect the smoke within the stadium.

Poor air quality led to the postponement of a Minor League game due to safety concerns.

Air Quality Concerns and Warnings:

The US government’s AirNow platform issued a ‘very unhealthy’ air quality advisory for the city, cautioning against outdoor activities.

Governor Kathy Hochul shared an Air Quality Health Advisory and highlighted areas within the state where the smoke posed a particular danger.

The Rural Health Network of South Central New York emphasized the limited effectiveness of cloth masks against wildfire smoke, recommending the use of well-fitted N95 masks instead.

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Worsening Conditions and Forecasts:

Meteorologists predicted a further deterioration in air quality on Wednesday.


The smoke is expected to linger for several days, with elevated levels persisting into the weekend.

Meteorologist John Homenuk warned of another burst of near-surface smoke on Wednesday afternoon, exacerbating the risk.

Basil Seggos, commissioner of the state Department of Environmental Conservation, acknowledged the extraordinary air quality conditions and emphasized the haziness, reduced visibility, and the lingering smell of smoke in the air.

Cause of Smoke and Fire Situation in Canada:

The smoke affecting New York City originated from a fire that occurred in Nova Scotia last week.

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Over 160 forest fires continue to burn in Quebec, with at least 114 classified as out of control.

Canadian officials have described this as one of the country’s worst fire seasons ever, underscoring the magnitude of the situation.

The residents of New York City brace themselves for ongoing poor air quality conditions due to the smoke from the Canadian wildfires.


The impact on visibility, health, and daily life emphasizes the urgent need for measures to address and mitigate the effects of these devastating fires.

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