The fifth episode of “Paul T. Goldman” ends on a cliffhanger

The fifth episode of “Paul T. Goldman” ends on a cliffhanger

Paul T. Goldman appears to have reserved the craziest turn for last in his unpredictable new Peacock series. In the penultimate episode of the series, it is revealed that the show’s subject, Paul T. Goldman, decided to turn his “true” life story into a wildly fictional franchise titled, you guessed it, The Paul T. Goldman Chronicles. (Composed by another fake alter ego, “Ryan Sinclair.”) Furthermore, Paul insisted that series director Jason Woliner create these James Bond-esque sequels in which Paul’s heroic alter ego becomes a super agent battling the evildoing of his adversary Royce Rocco. Woliner agrees.

Paul T. Goldman’s situation appears to be improving until Woliner reveals one final twist. Episode 5’s cliffhanger suggests that Paul T. Goldman will reveal Royce Rocco’s true side of the tale in episode 6. And thank God for it. This show can only land on its feet by bringing Goldman’s increasingly bizarre account of events back to earth.

In case you missed it, Paul T. Goldman of Peacock has been leading viewers down an increasingly disturbing and always odd rabbit hole over the past few weeks. The series follows the titular Paul T. Goldman, a mild-mannered “wimp” who purportedly converted into a “warrior” after realizing that his shady second wife led a double life as a criminal. While there is abundant evidence that Paul’s second wife “Audrey” attempted to blackmail the inept insurance agent, it is less obvious whether she was, in fact, a member of a global sex trafficking ring, as Paul claims. Paul is so intent on establishing the guilt of Audrey and her hidden boyfriend Royce Rocco that he contacts the F.B.I., rummages through Rocco’s rubbish, sees a psychic, and writes a novel about his bizarre experiences.

Paul T. Goldman is initially a docuseries about director Jason Woliner’s attempts to adapt Paul’s book about Audrey, Duplicity. By concurrently filming the adaptation according to Paul’s vision and the backstage drama, Woliner is able to cast doubt on Paul’s account of his own life story. In Episode 5, Paul abandons all semblance of truthfulness, causing the situation to completely unravel. He has requested that Woliner extend Duplicity past the final pages. Currently, they’re adapting The Paul T. Goldman Chronicles.

The fifth episode of Paul T. Goldman concludes with “Paul” trapped in a burning building in Paris. “Royce,” he thinks to himself. He must have been behind this.”

We return to the documentary. Jason Woliner requests permission to show Paul something. Paul sighs. Then, we see what he appears to be observing. Woliner and his crew tracked down John “Cadillac” McDaniel at some time in 2022. Who are they? The authentic Royce Rocco.

Yes, Paul T. Goldman The fifth episode concludes with the revelation that Woliner tracked down and interviewed the genuine Royce Rocco.

While Woliner has consistently refuted Paul’s account of events, we can’t help but believe that the real Royce Rocco will have a strong response to the outrageous charges that he ran an international sex trafficking ring. We may also find more about the enigmatic “Audrey” and whether or not Paul T. Goldman’s selfish quest for glory has harmed anyone.

In conclusion, we cannot wait for the finale of Paul T. Goldman to appear on Peacock on January 22.

»The fifth episode of “Paul T. Goldman” ends on a cliffhanger«

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