The Father of Chloe’s Baby: Emmerdale Fans Speculate and Theorize

The Father of Chloe’s Baby: Emmerdale Fans Speculate and Theorize

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Emmerdale Fans Speculate the Identity of Chloe’s Baby Daddy

Viewers of the popular British soap opera Emmerdale have been theorizing about the identity of Chloe Harris’ baby daddy since she welcomed her son, Ruben.

For a long time, fans believed that the father was Mackenzie Boyd, with whom Chloe had a one-night stand just weeks before discovering her pregnancy.

However, during Thursday’s episode, a spanner was thrown in the works when Chloe gave birth on the same day as Mack and Charity Dingle’s wedding.

Mack confesses he is not “daddy material”

Mackenzie Boyd admitted before the wedding that he did not want to be the father, as he believes he is not “daddy material.”

The only two people who know that Mack cheated on Charity are his friend Nate Robinson and Sarah, while Chloe remains unaware of his summer fling.


Fans speculate Nate may be the father

Emmerdale fans have now started to wonder if Nate, Mack’s pal, could be the father.

Many viewers have taken to Twitter to share their predictions online, with some speculating that Mack may not be the father after all.

One fan suggested that Nate may be the father, arguing that Mack and Chloe would not have discussed it if they knew he was the father.

Another fan speculated that Chloe was already pregnant when she slept with Mack and that he still cheated on Charity, leaving him in trouble once she finds out.

A third fan echoed that sentiment, stating that they hope the baby is Nate’s and that Mack will tell him before he finds out.


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