Terrence Howard’s Unconventional Theories and Experience on Joe Rogan

Terrence Howard’s Unconventional Theories and Experience on Joe Rogan

Over the weekend, actor Terrence Howard made a memorable appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, where he shared some unusual and thought-provoking ideas about the universe.

The 52-year-old star of “Iron Man” engaged in a three-hour conversation with Joe Rogan, prompting Rogan to warn his 16.7 million subscribers that this episode would be particularly wild.

Howard’s discussion covered a wide range of topics, including his experiences in Hollywood, personal beliefs about the universe, and controversial claims about vaccines and gravity.

Howard’s Hollywood Career and Relationships

During the interview, Howard delved into his Hollywood career, revealing some surprising details about his professional journey.

He mentioned losing roles due to his refusal to get the Covid vaccine, feeling betrayed by his former Marvel co-star Robert Downey Jr., and asserting that humans are on the verge of “killing gravity.”

Howard recalled a vivid memory of being in his mother’s womb, a claim that echoed similar comments made by actor Nicolas Cage.

“I was about six months inside the womb,” Howard stated, describing his thoughts and feelings during that time.

He also claimed to remember being born and circumcised, sharing these memories with an intrigued Rogan.

The Marvel Patent Controversy

Howard spoke about his involvement in various ventures throughout his career, including the purchase of a patent that he later abandoned.

He claimed this patent laid the groundwork for the augmented and virtual reality industries.

“I paid $260,000 for the worldwide patent,” Howard said, explaining that he abandoned it due to ongoing maintenance fees.

He later saw companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon citing his patent, which he claimed has earned over seven trillion dollars without him receiving any compensation.

Betrayal by Robert Downey Jr.

One of the more personal topics Howard touched on was his relationship with Robert Downey Jr. Howard stated that he helped Downey Jr. secure the role of Iron Man but felt betrayed when he was replaced by Don Cheadle in the sequel. Howard recalled calling Downey Jr. multiple times for support but never receiving a response. ”

I called him 27 times and left a message,” Howard remembered, adding that he did not hear back until they met at a wedding years later.

Downey Jr. congratulated him on his success with “Empire,” but Howard felt the encounter was disheartening.

Howard’s Theories on Gravity and Metaphysics

Howard’s interview took a turn towards metaphysics and fringe science when he discussed his belief that gravity is a construct of electricity.

“We’re about to kill gravity,” Howard declared, claiming that gravity is influenced by electric forces. He explained his theory with a video demonstrating “linchpins” creating “Saturn without gravity” and discussed how magnetic fields interact with electric waves.

Howard’s claims, while intriguing, are not supported by mainstream science. He suggested that electricity’s effect on gravity is significant on larger scales, although his explanations ventured into speculative territory.

Controversial Views on Vaccines

Howard also shared his stance on vaccines, particularly the Covid vaccine, which he refused to take. He claimed this decision cost him several acting roles and criticized governments for pushing what he described as harmful vaccines.

“You took a bold stand years ago when the governments were trying to poison their citizens,” he told Rogan, aligning with the host’s known skepticism towards vaccines.

Howard argued that the spike protein in vaccines overwhelms the body, leading to adverse outcomes with each booster shot.

He justified his refusal by citing historical examples of governments using chemical warfare against citizens.

Conclusion and Public Reaction

Howard’s interview on The Joe Rogan Experience provided a platform for him to share his unique perspectives and experiences.

The full interview, which has garnered nearly 2.5 million views as of Monday, is available online for those interested in exploring Howard’s unconventional ideas further.

While some of Howard’s claims and theories may seem far-fetched, they offer a glimpse into the mind of an actor unafraid to challenge conventional thinking and share his personal truths, however controversial they may be