Temporary Closure of Victoria Park Splash Pad Disrupts Cardiff’s Summer Fun

Temporary Closure of Victoria Park Splash Pad Disrupts Cardiff’s Summer Fun

…By Lola Smith for TDPel Media.

A beloved splash pad in Cardiff, known as the Victoria Park splash pad, has recently closed temporarily, shortly after reopening for the season on Saturday, May 27.


The closure was necessary due to a malfunction in the water supply mechanism, according to the Cardiff Council.

The council has confirmed that they are collaborating with a contractor to address the issue and aims to reopen the splash pad as soon as possible.

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They expressed their frustration over the timing of the breakdown, which occurred during the half-term school holidays, especially considering that the splash pad had been operational during testing the previous week.

Efforts to Fix the Fault and Reopen the Splash Pad

The Victoria Park splash pad, located in Cardiff, has been temporarily closed due to a fault in its water supply mechanism.

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This popular attraction is currently undergoing repairs in partnership with a contractor to rectify the issue.

The Cardiff Council is working diligently to ensure that the necessary repairs are completed promptly, allowing the splash pad to resume operation and provide enjoyment for the public.


Disruption During Half-Term School Holidays

The closure of the Victoria Park splash pad in Cardiff has caused disappointment for visitors, particularly due to the timing coinciding with the half-term school holidays.

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The splash pad had successfully undergone testing the previous week and reopened on Saturday for the anticipated new season.

The council expressed their frustration over the unfortunate breakdown and the inconvenience it has caused during this popular holiday period


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