Teachers worry OpenAi’s ChatGPT is “so powerful” it could eliminate homework

Teachers worry OpenAi’s ChatGPT is “so powerful” it could eliminate homework

A preeminent independent school has announced that it would no longer assign assignment essays due to the potential of internet artificial intelligence.

Alleyn's School has said they will be moving away from setting pupils essays as homework due to new AI technologies
The staff at Alleyn’s School in southeast London were compelled to reconsider their practices after a test essay written in English by the OpenAI bot ChatGPT received an A+ mark.

The futuristic technology, which was revealed to the public in November 2022, has already amassed millions of users worldwide and can scan the web in real time to generate writing that sounds disturbingly human in response to any query.

The Times said that the coeducational institution with annual tuition of £22,800 will instead require students to conduct in-depth research between classes.

Due to emerging AI technology, Alleyn’s School has announced that it will no longer assign essay writing as assignment.

OpenAI’s ChatGPT bot is so clever that it can process difficult and particular jobs in seconds by scouring the internet.

WHAT IS the CHATGPT protocol?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence system that can generate text that sounds disturbingly human in response to a command.

It was designed and developed by OpenAI, a startup based in San Francisco.OpenAI's ChatGPT bot is so sophisticated it is able to comb the internet and process complex and specific tasks in seconds

Elon Musk, a billionaire and one of the firm’s founders, resigned from the board in 2018 but continued to donate to the project.

The chatbot is a big language model that has been trained on an enormous quantity of text data.

The version of the bot accessible for public testing, which was released in November 2022, aims to comprehend queries presented by users and respond with in-depth, conversational responses.

In an interview with the newspaper, Alleyn’s principal Jane Lunnon claimed that the school’s new emphasis on ‘flipped learning’ was a sign of the times due to the’seismic and game-changing’ nature of artificial intelligence.

She stated, “I truly believe this is a paradigm shift.” It is really user-friendly and uncomplicated.ChatGPT has been banned in many schools across the world since it was launched in November 2022

‘However, based on what they’ve learned in class, children’s homework essays are frequently graded at the moment.

‘Clearly, if we live in a world where students have access to credible replies… the notion of assigning this as homework would become obsolete.

“Homework will be useful for practice, but if you want reliable data on whether students are acquiring new skills and knowledge, it must be completed in class under supervision.”

The sophistication of emerging AI technology, according to Lunnon, will prevent youngsters from experiencing failure, resulting in a decrease in resilience.

In a recent blog article, she addressed her beliefs and cautioned, “School is where we learn what to do and how to do it. In addition, it is where we learn what not to do. What doesn’t work.

How to make mistakes and how to deal with them. We are all aware of the importance of learning from failure.

For us, ChatGPT will necessitate careful consideration of what we should expect our students to accomplish in school and class, as well as what they can do at home.

Since its inception in November 2022, ChatGPT has been prohibited in numerous schools across the globe.

The decision by the London institutions comes days after another AI-related scandal rocked an Australian university.

The student from the University of New South Wales admitted using OpenAI’s ChatGPT to produce their essay after a professor thought it was artificially generated.

Professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales Toby Walsh stated that schools and institutions are feverishly evaluating how to prevent pupils from utilizing the technology to cheat.

The states of New South Wales, Queensland, and Tasmania have already prohibited access to ChatGPT on school internet networks to prevent students from cheating on assessments and test essays.

Prof. Walsh feels that handwritten essays may be the only solution.

“Banning access to websites is completely ineffective because children are intelligent enough to circumvent it by using a VPN (virtual private network),” he told The Australian.

“They must be placed in a room with no Internet access, a pen and paper, and no technology.”

No longer can we assign pupils take-home assignments.

In addition to Australia, public schools in France and certain regions of the United States have already prohibited the technology on their servers.

»Teachers worry OpenAi’s ChatGPT is “so powerful” it could eliminate homework«

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