Student who was suspended for complaining about a transgender student speaks out

Student who was suspended for complaining about a transgender student speaks out

A Vermont high school student who was suspended for protesting about a transgender student using the ladies’ locker room criticized administrators for choosing “gender identification policy” over “girls’ safety and privacy.”

Student who was suspended for complaining about a transgender student speaks out
Blake Allen, 14, was expelled from Randolph Union High School, and her father, Travis Allen, was sacked without pay for referring to the transgender girl as “a guy.”

In Vermont District Court, the family filed a lawsuit against the Orange Southwest School District Board, the Superintendent, and two co-Principals of the school.

State law in Vermont allows students to participate in sports and use lockers that correspond with their gender identity.

Blake writes in an essay for Fox News that she was made to feel unsafe and uneasy after a student was permitted to play on the girls’ volleyball team and change in their locker area.

She added that the first time the transgender student visited the locker room, many of the girls were in their underwear and requested her to leave, but she was ignored.Caty SuttonLisa Floyd

Blake Allen, 14 years old, was expelled from Randolph Union High School for referring to a biologically male student who identifies as female as a “guy.”

Caty Sutton and Lisa Floyd were both listed in the complaint filed against the Vermont institution.

Later, the adolescent reported that she had overheard her French classmates discussing how a “guy” did not belong in their locker area.

The transgender student was absent from class at the period in question.

The student who overheard the remarks reported them to the co-principals, who subsequently initiated an investigation.

Blake stated, ‘At school, it does not appear to be a problem for male students to easily observe female students changing their clothes.’

The freshman discussed her worries with her parents and they, along with other parents, discussed the matter with school administration.

But Blake stated, “Not only did school officials make no effort to provide us with help or a practical solution, they made me the bad man for stating that a male teenager shouldn’t be let to observe us girls undress.”

According to Vermont legislation, transgender students, such as those seen at Randolph High School, may use whatever facilities correspond with their gender identity.

She continued by stating that young girls are being taught not to speak up when they feel unsafe.

She stated, “You are the bad guy if you do not comply with the school’s chosen gender identification policy.

I was reprimanded for stating factual, commonsense biological facts, namely that boys and girls are different and must respect one other’s physical privacy.

The school then determined that Blake was responsible for “harassment and bullying” and ordered her to participate in a “restorative justice circle” with an equality coordinator, produce a “reflective essay,” and serve a suspension.

Due to a Facebook post, her father Travis was also suspended from his soccer coaching position at the school.Vermont laws stipulate that transgender students - such as those at Randolph High, pictured, can use whichever facilities align with their gender identity

The truth is that your kid observed my daughter and many other girls changing in the locker area,’ he stated. While he received a free concert, they were raped.’

The lawsuit argued that Superintendent Layne Millington violated Blake and Travis’ First Amendment rights.

In the meantime, the transgender student’s mother noted on a Facebook post that Blake had “fabricated the narrative for publicity” and that “the truth will prevail.”

In response, the youngster and her parents filed a lawsuit against Caty Sutton and Lisa Floyd, co-principals.

The lawsuit asserted that Superintendent Layne Millington and the two co-principals violated Blake and her father’s First Amendment rights by seeking to prescribe “what may be expressed on subjects of public importance.”

It further alleges that the school ignored ‘death threats’ made against Blake by the transgender student, who allegedly declared during the locker room encounter, ‘I’m going to f***ing kill Blake Allen’.

The student, who has been a member of the female volleyball team since the beginning of the school year, allegedly entered the locker rooms and’stared’ at several of the girls changing.

Several parents criticized the transgender student’s access to the female locker area.

According to her, the school reversed the sentence on the same day the lawsuit was filed.The lawsuit alleged that Layne Millington, Superintendent, breached Blake and Travis' First Amendment rights

Blake continued, “Instead of defending the safety and privacy of females, school authorities will unfairly attack anyone who dares to hold a different perspective on gender identity.”

Caitlin Jenner, a former transgender Olympian, drew attention to the controversy when she tweeted, “Shame on Vermont!” for permitting “biological boys with penises changing next to our children in locker rooms, and then having our daughters reprimanded by the school.”

Former co-principal David Barnett was imprisoned last year for grooming and assaulting a 16-year-old girl. This is not the school’s first problem.

After pleading no contest to grooming the girl while he was her principal, Barnett was barred from working as an educator and sentenced to a month in jail.

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