Spy queen JANE MUGO narrates how she caught her late husband cheating after putting a tracking device on his shoes – This woman is no joke

Thursday, 03 February 2022 – Celebrity private investigative detective, Jane Mugo, has revealed the trick she used to catch her cheating husband after suspecting he was having extra-marital affairs.
Speaking in an interview on Radio Jambo with Massawe Japanni, the self-proclaimed African top female detective said she secretly attached a tracking device on her husband’s shoes and trailed him.
After monitoring his moves, she found him in a woman’s house.
The woman was reportedly his mpango wa kando but despite catching him red-handed cheating, she didn’t cause drama.
She forgave him for the sake of their kids.
“Nilimpata kwa boma ya msichana. Niliomba Mungu akanipatia roho ya kumsamehea and tukaendelea kwa sababu ya watoto ( I asked God to give me grace and I managed to forgive him. We continued with our marriage for the sake of our kids,” she said.
Unfortunately, her husband died a few years ago.
She is not dating any man at the moment.