‘Sorry for the embarrassment’: Tristan Thompson mourns late mom

‘Sorry for the embarrassment’: Tristan Thompson mourns late mom

Monday, February 6th, NBA player Tristan Thompson broke his silence on the passing of his mother Andrea Thompson in an emotional Instagram post.

Andrea Thompson, the mother of Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s “baby daddy,” passed away on January 5. According to TMZ, Andrea experienced a heart attack at home and was transported to a local hospital, where doctors unsuccessfully attempted to resuscitate her.

A month after the passing of Andrea, Tristan has broken his silence. In a lengthy Instagram statement, he apologized to his mother for the shame and told her that he will take care of his brother Amari.

“Adorable mother in heaven. It’s been a month since your departure. I’m in disbelief. I am in the depths of sadness and grief.
My soul is void as I accept the loss of my greatest supporter/superhero. “I cannot thank you enough for always being a woman of faith, for being one of God’s warriors, and for fighting back against everything the world threw at us,” he wrote.

“I apologize for your embarrassment and anguish. You raised me better than I could have demonstrated. But I have also learnt that regret is not sufficient. Actions are more persuasive than words. So I will not simply apologize,” he continued.

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This comes after Khloé paid respect to Andrea, the grandmother of her children. Numerous individuals have made fun of Khloé’s relationship with her “baby daddy” Tristan. This was due to his numerous infidelity scandals and pregnancy with another woman.

However, this has not affected her connection with Andrea, the mother of Tristan. Andrea is the grandmother of Khloé’s two children, True (4) and a son born in July 2022 via surrogacy.

“I’ve been avoiding this… I’ve been avoiding understanding that this is true. I have so much to say but absolutely nothing…. I have so many feelings, yet I am emotionally numb. Life can be brutally unjust at times, and this has been one of the most difficult periods in the lives of so many of us,” she wrote.

“However, I consider myself fortunate to have had someone who made parting away so extremely tough. It is so painful that I have chosen not to say goodbye forever because I cannot understand it. “I do not believe in permanent farewells,” she continued.

Khloe continued by stating that Amari would be fine and that she would assist with his care.

“I assure you that Amari will be totally fine. We shall all care for him, assist him, and defend him. Your boys will be okay since their guardian angel is with them,” she continued.

»‘Sorry for the embarrassment’: Tristan Thompson mourns late mom«

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