SoftTech’s BIM-based Construction Permit Platform has Helped Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Boost Ease of Doing Business Ranking

SoftTech’s BIM-based Construction Permit Platform has Helped Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai Boost Ease of Doing Business Ranking

SoftTech Engineers Limited announced that its innovative product BIMDCR, a BIM-based Construction Permit System has helped Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) boost ‘Ease of Doing Business’ (EODB by World Bank) ranking by manifolds.

The number of procedures at MCGM has been reduced from 20 to 8, the time taken for the process has been reduced from 99 to 45 days, the cost has reduced from 6.

6% to 2.

21% value of Warehouse, and the quality parameter is achieved 100% as per World Bank norms.


Vijay Gupta, Founder and CEO at SoftTechCommenting on this achievement by MCGM, Mr.

Vijay Gupta, Founder and CEO at SoftTech said, “This is the second breakthrough initiative in the world only after Singapore.

Considering the myriad complexities in Mumbai city, this transformation is not quite easy.

By adopting BIMDCR, MCGM is able to attain complete digitalization of all relevant functions in the building lifecycle starting from permits to detail design to cost estimation to project management and maintenance.

“Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) is successfully leveraging SoftTech’s Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology which is a model-based design concept, where buildings can be built virtually before they are built physically.

Since the building plan approval process can be mapped dynamically & scrutiny of documents is automated, BIMDCR is a citizen-centric solution that leads to better building management.

Also, the solution is helping manage information exchange between Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in the ecosystem, to strengthen the collaboration among all stakeholders with a single source of data (BIM Model) to manage the entire building development cycle.

Moreover, the approvals at various stages are made easy with the in-depth assessment & analysis.

BIMDCR enables total unauthorized construction control at various stages of any project & will help adhere to Green Building Code compliance.

Advanced and developed countries such as the US, UK, Singapore & Hong Kong have significantly started the adoption of BIM in the AEC industry because of the obvious benefits of this proven technology.

According to the Indian Government Think Tank NITI Aayog, BIM could save up to 20% of the project cost by shortening the construction time.

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