Shocking! Wike Makes Fresh Claim, Reveals Why He Can’t Be Atiku’s Running Mate Yet

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has reacted to the recent controversial report making rounds on social media that he has been selected as the running mate to presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar. Nyesom Wike decided to voice out after the South Easterners questioned his credibility and loyalty.
It is not a news anymore that the people of the South- East are yearning to clinch the presidential seat come 2023. However, the report that Wike has settled for vice president slot in the Peoples Democratic Party wasn’ t received well by the people of the region.
Just to ease the tension in the South- East, Nyesom Wike has released an official statement to point out exactly why he can’ t make the wreckless decision to be Atiku’ s running mate in 2023. According to the Southern Governor, his decision would be made known to the public after the party’ s convention.
Wike stated that he can’ t be picked as Atiku’ s running mate yet because PDP hasn’ t released an official statement to declare its stance on presidential zoning. Wike further explained that the South- East is not prepared to settle for less in the upcoming general elections.
Wike said, ” Please discountenance all those things you are hearing. The south will make a statement very soon. The day the south makes a statement Nigerian will know that we’ re not joking. What is necessary is to make sure that the party gets it right. We are assets, we are not liabilities. If we say we are going to support the party we will do it with everything we have.
We are not in America where they do television campaigns no it’ s not done here. When we come out we will choke them. So everybody should relax let the south do their proper homework and they will make a statement that will be beneficial to Nigerians and the PDP” .
Do you think Wike has a good chance to clinch the presidential seat if the Peoples Democratic Party zones its ticket?
This might be a difficult question to answer at this crucial stage.
However, if you take a look at the calibre of Southern aspirants who are lining up to clinch APC’ s presidential ticket, it is fair to conclude that Wike doesn’ t stand a good chance to succeed Buhari come 2023.