Sherwood Episode 1: star David Morrissey has revealed some details about the upcoming five dramatic episodes

David Morrissey, who plays police officer Ian St Clair in BBC’s Sherwood, has revealed some details about the upcoming five dramatic episodes.

The six-part series is based on two murders that occurred in Nottinghamshire in 2004, where writer James Graham was at the time.

In the first installment, local Conservative councillor Sarah Vincent (Joanne Froggatt) married Neel Fisher (Bally Gill) in a ceremony attended by many local residents.

However, disaster comes when former miner Gary Jackson (Alun Armstrong) is shot and killed after leaving the local pub with a crossbow.


DCS St Clair is tasked with solving the murder, along with the enigmatic DI Salisbury (Robert Glenister), who joins the investigation from the Met.

However, with much more grief and heartbreak to come in the multi-faceted series, David stated that ‘nothing is clear cut’ for the rest of the series.

He explained to what drew him to the challenging project in the first place.

He said, ‘I love the fact that it was a police officer, or a man, who had to go and look at his past and, and take responsibility for the past.

Inside that, there are two things. One is the way it affects his town and his community, but also, there’s also how it affects him as a man and an individual, and how he has to walk this tightrope between those two, terrible sort of guilty secrets he has’.

The actor immediately applauded James’ ‘brilliant’ writing, which he described as another factor that drew him to the nuanced part.

David said that ’I feel that, when we examine the history of our country, sometimes we are, we examine it in a very convenient, triumphant way.

‘It’s important to look at history, both ancient history, as well as recent history, in a very honest way.

It’s not as clear-cut as some people would like us to believe and I think one of the great things about James’s writing is that he presents all sides in a very messy and murky way because nothing is clear-cut.

‘I think it’s important to ask those questions,’ he concluded.

In the harrowing series, which resumes tonight on the broadcaster, fans have been treated to a cast full of instantly familiar personalities, including Lesley Manville, Robert Glenister, and Claire Rushbook.