Scientists develop the first telescope contact lens

Scientists develop the first telescope contact lens

Scientists have developed the first telescope contacted lens.

This lens is capable of zooming your vision 3 time’s. This means that now you will be able to see moon’s surface and other heavenly bodies in the solar system by wearing it.

The invention received both praise and criticism, with many expressing different opinions on Twitter:

That’s cool but anything for eye floaters would be phenomenal

Eyes shake too much. Telescopes are on a stand for a reason. Even the slightest movement distorts the picture. Put these on, zoom in and barf because you won’t see anything other than shaky, uncontrollable mess.
You would also have to stare at the object for it to be still. Fyi

Bro you’re not putting a telescope in your eye lol

the greatest caution is that by mistake or accidentally one should not view very bright objects like Sun or welding, that will damage the retina for sure. Doctors may clarify

While these are detrimental to look at anyways the enlargement might even meliorate the damage since the same amount of energy is projected on a larger area. Also for cameras the wide angle lenses are the ones burning a hole in your sensor/curtain 1/2

Bet I’m looking into this cause if this is real then most definitely will I get them and then look through my little travel telescope to get even better views 😅💪