Sarah Idan Challenges Democratic Party’s ‘Wokery’ in Run for Congress

Sarah Idan, a former beauty queen who represented Iraq in the Miss Universe pageant, is hoping to run for Congress in California.

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She fled war-torn Iraq in search of a better life in America 20 years ago and describes herself as a feminist and human rights activist.

Idan believes that the Democratic Party’s biggest weakness is its wokery and is looking to challenge this through her campaign.

She has openly criticized Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar for her comments on Jewish people and Israel and has expressed her dislike for what she sees as the party’s obsession with so-called ‘white privilege’ and its failure to address public safety concerns and rising levels of crime in Los Angeles, where she currently lives.

Born in Baghdad in 1990, Idan was the second youngest of five children.

Her father was a military engineer for Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party, but privately her views at home did not reflect that party line.

The family effectively had to ‘live as hostages under Saddam.’ Life was extremely hard for Idan and her family under the brutal dictator, with limited access to food, water, and electricity.

Politically, the family constantly feared accusations of ‘disloyalty.’

When she turned 18, Idan worked as a volunteer interpreter with the US Army in Iraq.

She was able to leave Iraq for the United States in 2010 on a green card provided by the military, later becoming an American citizen in 2015.

Her family stayed behind, although they eventually left Iraq some years ago.

Idan believes that her difficult upbringing gives her a unique perspective on the American Dream.

She believes the party needs fresh young blood to call out what she describes as ‘communists pushing crazy policies.’

She wants to root out ‘crazy far left and woke voices’ in the Democratic party, and believes that the party needs to address woke voices that have a far too powerful and influential voice, while also tackling public safety concerns head-on and rising levels of crime in major cities across the country.

Idan is now planning to make a run for Congress and is hoping to become the voice missing in the Democratic Party.

As a one-time beauty queen, she represented Iraq in the Miss Universe competition in 2017 and even faced death threats after she befriended and snapped a selfie with Miss Israel.

She believes that she may have been born in Iraq, but her soul is American, and she wants to use her unique perspective and experience to make a positive difference.

»Sarah Idan Challenges Democratic Party’s ‘Wokery’ in Run for Congress«

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