Sankok causes excitement as he wears suit, deviating from signature green attire

1 FEBRUARY, NAIROBI, KENYA Nominated Member of Parliament David Ole Sankok caused a stir in the National Assembly when he showed up in a black suit, which is not his usual attire.
Sankok has been noted to wear a trademark green outfit with Kenyan flag stripes since his election to the National Assembly in 2013.
Legislators, including Speaker of the House Justin Muturi, were taken aback by the shift in his appearance.
“There is a lot of excitement inside this house, and I suspect it’s because of the unusual attire by the Hon. Sankok. Obviously, he is exceptionally smart or rather unusually smart,” stated Muturi as he laughed.
In 2020, the Nominated lawmaker revealed details why he chooses the signature look saying it was inspired by his patriotism as well as passion for environmental conservation.
In July 2021, the legislator sought to table a bill to compel all sportsmen and women to have green attires as their uniform as a sign of patriotism.