Russia claims to have destroyed Italian howitzers in Ukraine

Russia claims to have destroyed Italian howitzers in Ukraine

Italian howitzers were destroyed in Ukraine, according to the Russian Defense Ministry.

The systems, which were Italian 155-mm howitzers, were destroyed in a high-precision attack.

“Artillery reconnaissance was used to discover the position of Ukrainian nationalists. “A high-precision artillery projectile attacked the firing site after additional UAV surveillance,” the Ministry of Defense announced, without indicating where the strike took place.

Since March, Italy has begun sending armaments to Ukraine. The resolution was unanimously adopted by Parliament, according to Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Sanctions weaken Russia, but they can not stop hostilities quickly.

“For this purpose, we need to help the Ukrainians directly, which is what we do,” he explained.

At the same time, Italian officials stressed that the weapons that Italy supplied to Ukraine could not be used to strike the territory of Russia.

In mid-May, the Italian authorities prepared a plan for a peaceful settlement in Ukraine. According to La Reppublica, the plan stipulates for a ceasefire, negotiations on the status of the country, including its accession to the EU and non-alignment with NATO, an agreement on Crimea and Donbass, as well as an agreement on peace and security in Europe.

Representatives for the Russian Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin said that they had not seen the document.