Responding police cruiser nearly struck a client at a Spar store

Responding police cruiser nearly struck a client at a Spar store

This is the horrifying moment a police cruiser responding to a 999 call crashed into the Spar store and almost struck a customer.

CCTV video saw the police swerving away from a motorist who was turning right into the parking lot before slamming into the store.

When police crashed through the store’s doors, a lady placed her palm on her chest and fell down, barely avoiding being struck.

Northern Ireland’s Lisburn saw an accident around 11.35 am on Wednesday, and the surrounding area was immediately blocked off.

After the collision, a transporter showed up and loaded the damaged car into the rear of its trailer.

In a statement, the police acknowledged that there had been a report of one individual suffering just minor wounds.

A Twitter user said, “This lady had an extremely fortunate escape.” Someone another chimed up, saying, “That person in the stock room was really fortunate!”

One individual, however, yelled at the coppers, saying, “They should constantly be anticipating problems like traffic and the possibility of automobiles turning at intersections.”

“This is bad police work,” I said. He or she will undoubtedly enrol in more advanced training sessions till performance is more in line with the position.

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