R&B enthusiasts will love Preyé’s debut EP ‘Don’t Look Down!’
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R&B enthusiasts will love Preyé’s debut EP ‘Don’t Look Down!’
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R&B enthusiasts will love Preyé’s debut EP ‘Don’t Look Down!’

When I first heard “Love, Today,” the lead single from the debut EP “Don’t Look Down!” by singer-songwriter Preyé, I was immediately captivated.

The song features Ladipoe, who, along with Preyé, makes for the ideal pairing.

It’s difficult to realize that the feature nearly didn’t exist.

During an interview with IOL Entertainment, Preyé explained how fate had a role in bringing about the cooperation.

“Love, Today” was initially recorded without a feature, but Preyé felt it “needed that extra something.” A year later, her team secured the services of Ladipoe, a popular and elusive Afrobeats performer.

Preyé is a singer and songwriter. Picture: Supplied

Despite Ladipoe’s desire to appear on the song, his schedule prevented him from doing so.

“There came a point where I thought, forget it, I’ll just do a second verse or whatever and release the project. On the other side, I was yelling at God, “Why isn’t this happening? This shouldn’t be this difficult.”

The following day, when Ladipoe was working on the second stanza of the song, she received a call to come into the studio.

“When he finished, I remarked, ‘This is just what this album needed,’” I believe that was God’s will.”

Cover art for the EP “Don’t Look Down!” by singer and songwriter Preyé. Picture: Supplied

The EP was a journey for the musician from Lagos, who began experimenting with the notion of putting the project together in 2016.

However, as fate would have it, numerous factors prevented things from falling into place.

Prior to the release of “Don’t Look Down!”, Preyé had been working on music that she had outgrown throughout this time period.

“I reached a point where I thought, ‘I’m going to pause and select these tunes to begin with.

“The process of selecting all the songs and attempting to begin with them was insane. Everything that could have gone wrong did, it was so difficult!

“Therefore, this project is a journey of love,” she explained, “since I had to lead with love in order to bring everything together as it was.”

She noted that every song on the album was unique, beginning with the introduction to “Red Wine.”

“‘Red Wine’ is about romantic love, ‘Crayon’ is about self-love, and ‘Love, Today’ featuring Ladipoe is about universal love.

“I chose to lead with love and realized that everything began to improve, as opposed to working on songs without any goal.”

On the EP, the aspiring singer is carefree as she experiments with R&B/soul, something she did not intend to do.

I did not attempt to alter the form of this particular endeavor to make it more acceptable to others. I simply left it how it was.”

Preyé did not allow external factors to affect her sound, nor did she attempt to conform to current trends. It has worked for her to let her own deep, silky sound take the forefront.

“If you listen to the EP nonstop, the songs flow into one another.” It serves as a sort of soundtrack to my existence. I did not allow external factors to influence how I would express myself within.

“I allowed it to be smooth if it was smooth. If any song was intense, I allowed it to be so.”

Preyé is an artist worthy of notice. Billboard has even taken note of her. In June, her R&B hit “Malibu” was recognized as one of the top finds on the music chart.

Preyé remembers how she cried when she learned she had made the Billboard chart.

“No one contacted Billboard, by the way; this is God.” We just awoke and heard “Malibu,” the third track on the EP.”

“Don’t Look Down!” will appeal to R&B fans who enjoy Ari Lennox, Summer Walker, and SZA.

This EP’s tunes will have you feeling all the feels and pressing repeat.

Preyé’s “Don’t Look Down!” is streamable on all digital platforms.

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