Prince Harry’s Accusations: Media Blamed for Relationship Break-up and Intrusion

Prince Harry’s Accusations: Media Blamed for Relationship Break-up and Intrusion

…By Judah Olanisebee for TDPel Media.

Prince Harry’s Contentions with the Press: Blaming Media for Relationship Break-up


Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has faced criticism after attributing his break-up with Chelsy Davy to the media’s interference.

He claimed that tabloids have a vested interest in portraying him as single, alleging a continuous “twisted objective” to sabotage his relationships.

In his court case against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN), the Duke accused them of obtaining private information, such as flight details and hotel bookings, and possibly intercepting voicemails.

These allegations emerged from an incident where journalists discovered their whereabouts during a holiday in Mozambique.

Media’s Relentless Pursuit:

Prince Harry asserted that the press seeks to ruin every relationship he has been involved in, as it boosts newspaper sales.


He lamented that he and Chelsy Davy were never left alone due to constant media intrusion.

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His statements highlighted the tabloids’ initial fascination with reporting relationship details, followed by their subsequent attempts to create strain and mistrust, ultimately contributing to their downfall.

Criticism from GB News Presenter:

GB News presenter Bev Turner openly ridiculed Prince Harry’s claims, suggesting that his experiences may have been a consequence of being a subpar boyfriend.

She pointed out that despite feeling sad about the media’s impact on his relationships, the Duke had lived a life of extraordinary luxury and privilege, which inevitably invites media attention.

Turner questioned whether the blame solely lies with the articles or if Prince Harry’s own actions played a role.

Prince Harry’s Witness Statement:

In his witness statement for his individual case against MGN, Prince Harry expressed his belief that tabloids preferred him to be single due to his heightened appeal as a bachelor.


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He described how the press would swiftly attempt to disrupt his relationships by putting immense strain on them and fostering distrust.

Prince Harry maintained that this agenda persists to this day, despite his marriage.

He highlighted that the tabloids meddled in every romantic involvement, subjecting not only him but also his partners’ families and friends to unwarranted scrutiny and unlawful activities.

No Boundaries for the Defendant:

According to Prince Harry, MGN’s newspapers showed no restraint in their actions.

He claimed that they engaged in unlawful methods, including phone hacking, deceptive information gathering (“blagging”), and the use of private investigators.

The defendant’s newspapers targeted all aspects of his relationships, leaving no area untouched by their invasive practices.

Prince Harry emphasized the distress caused by this intrusion, extending beyond himself to those close to him.


Prince Harry’s Lawsuit:

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The Duke is seeking damages from MGN, alleging that journalists associated with their publications, including the Sunday Mirror and Sunday People, engaged in phone hacking, deception, and the employment of private investigators for illegal purposes.

MGN, however, is contesting these claims, either denying or not admitting to each of them.


Prince Harry’s statements shed light on his ongoing battle with the media and the impact it has had on his personal life.

The public and media professionals, like Bev Turner, offer diverse perspectives on the matter, questioning the extent to which external factors contributed to the breakdown of his relationships.

The legal proceedings against MGN will determine the validity of Prince Harry’s claims and shed further light on the practices employed by certain sections of the press.

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