Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s meeting with French President Macron today

At today’s G7 Summit in Germany, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Macron of France met.

The President had lavishly praised Her Majesty The Queen in honor of her Jubilee, and the Prime Minister began by thanking him for that.

The Ukrainian conflict was brought up by the leaders. They concurred that the war is at a turning point and that there is a chance to change the path of the battle.

Both the Prime Minister and President Macron emphasized the importance of aiding Ukraine in order to increase their leverage in the conflict and in any ensuing negotiations.

The leaders decided to speed up this effort after President Macron thanked the Prime Minister for his on-going military assistance to Ukraine.

The prime minister emphasized that any attempt to resolve the dispute now will only result in long-lasting turmoil and give Putin permission to influence both sovereign nations and global markets indefinitely.

The leaders decided to maintain and strengthen the close cooperation between the UK and France in sectors like security and defense.