Presidential Candidate Sowore Condemns President Buhari’s Unfinished Projects and Neglected Refineries

Presidential Candidate Sowore Condemns President Buhari’s Unfinished Projects and Neglected Refineries

…By Jack Sylva for TDPel Media.

Presidential Candidate Sowore Denounces Buhari’s Project Failures

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has strongly criticized President Muhammadu Buhari for his inability to complete several projects.


Sowore expressed his disapproval of the president’s recent commissioning of unfinished roads and bridges.

Taking to Twitter, Sowore went as far as labeling President Buhari as the worst leader in Nigeria’s history.

Virtual Commissioning of Incomplete Projects Draws Sowore’s Ire

Sowore, known for his activism, lambasted President Buhari for virtually commissioning projects that were not yet completed.

In his tweet, he highlighted specific examples, such as the 2nd Niger Bridge in Delta/Anambra, Lokoja-Oweto Bridge in Nassarawa/Benue, Ikom Bridge in Cross Rivers State, and the Kaduna-Kano Road, emphasizing that they remained unfinished.

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Sowore’s scathing remarks reflected his strong belief that the president’s actions were inadequate and failed to meet the nation’s expectations.

Sowore’s Critique of Buhari’s Neglect of National Refineries

Sowore Draws Attention to Dilapidated State of National Refineries


Meanwhile, Sowore also directed his criticism towards President Buhari regarding the dire condition of Nigeria’s national refineries.

He expressed his disappointment that, despite serving as Nigeria’s Minister of Petroleum, Buhari had been unable to restore functionality to the four public refineries during his eight-year tenure.

Sowore further noted the stark contrast, wherein Buhari was now preparing to commission the Dangote refinery, a private initiative.

Accusations of Neglect and Favoritism by President Buhari

In a Twitter post on Monday, Sowore accused President Buhari and his associates in the government of deliberately allowing the government-owned refineries to deteriorate while aiding the realization of the Dangote refinery.

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Sowore labeled these individuals as wicked, implying their harmful intentions towards the nation.

The presidential candidate questioned why Buhari and his allies, who were responsible for the decline of public refineries, were now actively involved in facilitating the success of a privately-owned refinery.

Sowore’s Condemnation Reflects Displeasure with Buhari’s Actions

Sowore’s criticism of President Buhari’s unfinished projects and neglected refineries highlights his deep dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs in Nigeria.

As a vocal activist and presidential candidate, Sowore aims to shed light on perceived shortcomings and hold the government accountable for its actions.


His condemnatory remarks underline his strong belief that President Buhari’s leadership has been detrimental to the nation’s progress and well-being.

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