Poker fans suspect cheating after seeing strange footage

Fans of poker believe they may have witnessed a professional player using a vibrating ring to cheat in a high-stakes table game.

Eagle-eyed fans believe they've spotted a key clue in the game footage, when Lew appears to fiddle with a ring and remove or rotate it under the table after the hand

Robbi Jade Lew, a stunning rookie to the sport, astonished the poker community on Thursday at the Hustler Casino Live game by going all-in with a Jack-high to win the $269,000 pot.

Garrett Adelstein, a leading player in livestreamed no-limit hold ’em, accused her of cheating by employing a ‘device that simply vibrates to indicate you have the greatest hand.’

A confederate would need to monitor the live broadcast of the game, which displays each player’s “hole cards,” which are not visible to the other players at the table. Lew has categorically denied cheating.

Now, keen-eyed fans feel they may have seen a crucial clue in the developing scandal in the hours following Lew’s card reveal.

As the hole cards were revealed, the table’s jovial conversation abruptly ceased, and Adelstein stared at Lew in silence for over a minute, prompting one observer to remark, “it’s literally the most distressed expression I’ve ever seen Garret give.”

Poker fans suspect cheating after seeing strange footage

Lew proceeded to fumble with the rings on her right hand, including a striking red round ring on her middle finger, while she became increasingly uneasy.

The ring’s big setting was no longer visible seconds after she slid her hand beneath the table, indicating that she either turned it or slipped it off.

Fans believe they have detected a crucial clue in the game footage when Lew appears to tamper with a ring and withdraw it from under the table following the handshake.

Eagle-eyed fans believe the disappearing ring could be a key clue in the scandal

Robbi Jade Lew, age 35, began playing poker seriously only after the coronavirus outbreak.

Fans with keen eyesight feel the missing ring could be a crucial clue in the controversy.

Why do you place your hand awkwardly on the table, clear your throat anxiously, then remove the red ring from your right middle finger and place it elsewhere? wrote @MigTheTig on Twitter.

The fan added, “Absolutely a signaling device.” Excessive quantities of other jewelry to conceal it; removed one item when the heat was on you…’

During the hand, Lew held the Jack-four of an unsuited suit, while Adelstein held the seven and eight of clubs.

The flop was comprised of 10 of hearts, 10 of clubs, and 9 of clubs, therefore Adelstein needed any club, jack, or six to complete a flush or straight for a near-certain victory.Poker newcomer Robbi Jade Lew, 35, right,  won an all-in hand for a pot of $269,000 against Garrett Adelstein, 36, who lost the hand, who believes she cheated during the game

At this point, Lew called Adelstein’s $2,500 wager, and the turn card, a heart three, was of no use to either player.

Lew observed Adelstein’s initial wager of $10,000 and increased it to $20,000. Then, Adelstein went all-in for $129,000.

Adelstein had a 53 percent chance of winning at this time, with only one card remaining to be revealed, according to live odds from the show.

Lew called all-in after briefly crossing her arms and toying with her chips, shocking the broadcasters.

One commentator screamed, “She calls!” before speculating that the on-screen images displaying Lew’s Jack-four hole cards may be inaccurate.

The river card was an Ace of spades, which did nothing to benefit either player. Jack-high won the pot for Lew.

Robbi Jade Lew, 35, on the right, won a $269,000 all-in hand against Garrett Adelstein, 36, who lost the hand and claims she cheated throughout the game.

The river card was an Ace of spades, which did nothing to benefit either player. Jack-high won the pot for Lew.

Lew denies cheating and claims she misremembered her bottom hole card as a three, thinking that the turn handed her a pair of threes.

Nonetheless, following the hand, Lew returned the money she had won to Adelstein, a perplexing act that only served to heighten suspicions.

Adelstein allegedly abducted Lew from the casino and threatened her in a ‘dark hallway’, according to Lew.

‘Garrett blocked me. True to the charge. What an honorable man! I was cornered and threatened by him. If he has the nerve to give me the death stare ON video, imagine what it looks like OFF camera.

Adelstein, a 36-year-old resident of Arizona, frequents the 24-hour Hustler Casino in California.

The odds were stacked against her, with DraftKings calculating that there were almost 150 ways for Lew to lose but only six ways for her to win, which she did. Those commentating on the game were stunned.

Adelstein forced Lew to go all-in with a $130,000 hand and appeared stunned when she flashed a “Jack high” to win the whole $269,000 pot.

Adelstein, 36, was first seen in public during the 2013 season of CBS’s Survivor: Cagayan; nevertheless, he was eliminated from the game after only seven weeks.

Lew once held a high position with the pharmaceutical company Bayer.

Adelstein is from Tucson and has been a professional poker player for about a decade.

His forte is live no-limit hold ’em cash games, where he is renowned for his aggressive play and high bets.

During the 2013 season of CBS’s Survivor: Cagayan, he rose to prominence, and in 2017 he began making frequent appearances on live poker events.

Robbi Jade Lew, on the other hand, did not take poker seriously until after the coronavirus outbreak.

She previously had a high position with Bayer, a pharmaceutical business.

Garrett required a club, a six, or a jack during the relevant game, but Lew’s jack won the hand.

The expression on Adelstein’s face as he lost the hand revealed his disbelief and boiling wrath.

He stated, “I can not comprehend what is happening right now.”

‘You look like you want to kill me. Lew stated, “I thought you had ace high.”

Therefore, why call while jack high? Adelstein stated. A pair of jacks would have fallen to a pair of aces.

‘Because you don’t have s**t!’ Lew said.

Then Adelstein up and departed the table.

Lew claimed that her unconventional strategy was based on her belief that Adelstein’s cards were inferior to her own.

She wrote “Get over it” on Twitter.

Lew promptly returned his winnings, a move that Adelstein interpreted as a “admission of guilt.”

Some social media users claimed that Lew’s chair was trembling before she made the call.

However, Adelstein later claimed on social media that Lew promised to repay the money he had lost, which he interpreted as proof of her guilt.

Now, Adelstein has publicly accused Lew of dishonesty.

“Poker is a really intricate and delicate game,” he stated, adding that her hand had “very little equity.”

He then analyzed some of Lew’s prior techniques and suggested that someone could ‘cheat’ by concealing a device that vibrates when they have the best hand.

By hacking into the card reader, a frequent method of cheating is for someone to know who will have the better hand at showdown.

Adelstein has produced no evidence that Lew cheated or used a device of this type.

After the game, he warned her, “Robbie, this will certainly be seen by millions of people… I believe you are aware that you messed up.

Adelstein states that Lew then offered to return him the winnings.

‘Knowing a) that this was most likely the closest I would get to a confession and b) how tough it is to receive a refund in these cheating scandals, I decided not to confess. I accepted her offer,’ he penned.

After been blatantly defrauded, “Of course I am going to receive my money back once she has offered it”

Lew has explained her unconventional strategy because she believed Adelstein’s cards were inferior to hers.

Lew then described how she was “forced to speak to him in a dark hallway” and offered him her winnings back.

Adelstein tends to enjoy games, as evidenced by this 2013 photograph of him on Survivor, when he was eliminated in the second week.

“I don’t sleep in order to fantasize about the life I wish to lead. When I am awake, I am experiencing it. Robbi Jade Lew has a post on her Instagram account.

A DraftKings blog appeared similarly bewildered by Lew’s choice.

“Ignore ranges and optimal game theory play; even the most inexperienced players never make a call based only on the strength of their hand.” In poker, you can always bluff, but when your opponent moves all-in for double the size of the pot, bluffing becomes impossible.

Nick Vertucci, co-founder of Hustler Casino Live, has stated that Lew is a novice player who likely misjudged her hand.

Vertucci stated, “There is no possibility that there is anything that could be considered cheating.” “We’ve inspected everything”

Hustler Casino has stated that neither player will be invited back until an investigation into the incident has been completed.

Adelstein then took to social media to explain what had transpired, suggesting that Lew may have cheated by employing a ‘device’ to enhance her poker playing.

We fully appreciate the gravity of the issue and the accusations. The casino said in a statement that it takes this matter very seriously.

“At this time, we have no evidence or indication of any misconduct other than the complaints of the people concerned,”

Adelstein has appeared more than fifty times on the casino’s livestreamed show and is the casino’s leading player, having won over $1.6 million.

In contrast, Lew has only appeared twice and has won slightly over $100,000.

Adelstein has featured on the casino’s livestreamed broadcast more than fifty times, winning more than $1.6 million.

Lew has only made two appearances in the online poker game, winning slightly over $100,000.

Poker is not the only table game implicated in intricate cheating tactics.

The International Chess Federation (FIDE) announced that it will convene a three-person panel to investigate claims of cheating made by world champion Magnus Carlsen against American player Hans Niemann.

Carlsen, 31, withdrew from the Sinquefield Cup in St. Louis, Missouri earlier this month after losing to the 19-year-old, who behind him by about 200 Elo points – a rating system used to determine the relative skill level of players.

Niemann was accused of cheating, including by U.S. grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, following Carlsen’s withdrawal from the over-the-board event following his shocking loss.

After just one move versus Niemann in an online match, the Norwegian resigned from the Julius Baer Generation Cup.

International Chess Federation (FIDE) said that it will convene a three-person panel to investigate world champion Magnus Carlsen’s (left) claims that American player Hans Niemann (right) cheated, possibly by deploying a signaling device.

Niemann was previously banned from for internet cheating after confessing that he did not play fairly in non-competitive games on the website when he was younger. He has, however, denied any impropriety in relation to over-the-board games.

Carlsen stated on Monday that Niemann had “cheated more frequently and more lately than he has openly admitted”

FIDE stated in a statement on Thursday that the inquiry would have a dual focus: verifying the world champion’s charges of alleged cheating by Niemann and Niemann’s self-statement regarding internet cheating…

During the investigation, the panel will ensure a fair ruling and defend the interests of all sides

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