Pilot dies in a paragliding accident while flying with a companion

While flying with his companion, a pilot tragically perished in a paragliding accident, and the friend later said, “I turned back and watched him descend like a stone.”

The two friends, who were both from Leeds, West Yorkshire, had taken a joy fly over the region from the city’s centre.

Around 7 o’clock on Tuesday, tragedy struck as they were leaving for home.

The guy was discovered in a field, dead from his wounds, while rescue personnel arrived quickly.

Despite the frantic attempts of his companion, who had safely landed, and the paramedics to resuscitate him, the middle-aged guy passed away amid the debris of his glider.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the two paragliders flying together into the centre of Leeds when one of them started to spin before falling to his death.

According to one report, “It was two friends on a joy fly over the countryside from Leeds city centre.”

The catastrophe happened as they were leaving for home.

They were reportedly flying rather low. That meant he wouldn’t have time to use the emergency chute if he encountered problems.

He was said to have executed a manoeuvre just before the collision that turned the lines in an unnatural direction.

His startled companion watched helplessly as he tragically died a few seconds later. He said, “I saw him drop like a stone as I turned around.”

According to reports, a third guy who was not in the company of two and was flying above captured the whole episode on video.

On the outskirts of the city, between Leeds and Bradford, in the £Tong area, air ambulance medical personnel were sent.

When they arrived, they discovered a guy, believed to be a middle-aged man, gravely wounded in a field off Tong Lane, near to Tong Garden Centre.

According to those there, West Yorkshire Police and Crime Scene Investigators spent the whole night conducting investigations at the scene.

For a response, West Yorkshire Police have been contacted. Locals said the daredevil often flew over their homes in social media tributes.

One said, “I see these men fly often. terrible news

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