‘Party at Auschwitz?’: Robben Island party receives conflicting opinions

A party planned on Robben Island has become a trending topic on Twitter. However, South Africans are divided on the issue…

The Sunset Silent Disco has been canceled as a result of a deluge of objections regarding the use of the historic venue, which housed hundreds of political prisoners under Apartheid.

However, although some have condemned it as sacrilege, others have indicated interest in its transformation into a “party destination” similar to Ibiza.

outrage…and interest in the Robbins Island Bash
As previously reported by The South African, Silent Events SA’s promotional poster for their “silent disco” drew criticism over the weekend. The event was originally scheduled to take place on Robben Island on February 18.

The five-hour party tickets cost R750 and included a ferry trip to and from the venue. The “world-class” site has a “ecologically sustainable” environment, according to the organizers.

However, many Twitter users disagreed and ostracized the organization for “disrespecting” a historical landmark.

@SydenhamStekkie: “When I heard of the event on Robben Island, I thought of Auschwitz. Strange, inappropriate, unscrupulous, and simply incorrect. For some individuals, money is everything.

@whylerato: “Among the most abhorrent things.”

@RefilWest: “What became of shame…? On the island, people died. Dancing on the actual and metaphorical graves of our past. This is absurd. “disrespectful and disgusting”

They truly desired to host a beach party on Robben Island? pic.twitter.com/kdScXoEoKx

— jarreddoyle (@jarreddoyle13) 5 February 2023
Others, however, indicated interest in attending the event that was subsequently canceled.

Who was angered by the Robben Island silent disco? I’m even waiting for it to become Ibiza.

— ke Bokang. (@bokangntsutle) 5 February 2023
Some Twitter users even examined past messages in which numerous South Africans recommended marketing Robben Island for profit.

Robben Island is underutilized; it must become the party capital of Africa. Clubs, events, cafes, and water-based activities.

Look at Ibiza

11 June 2019 — East God (@VuyoTheGreat)
The sooner Robben Island becomes Ibiza, the better…

— Full-time Lepara (@StaxCooks) is a chef on Twitter. June 21, 2022
Since Nelly M (Nelson Mandela) battled for our freedom to party, it is only logical to transform Robben Island into our very own Ibiza. 🤷🏽‍♂️

— S (@SONGE7O) on November 6
In the meantime, Silent Events has issued an official apology for the event, which they claim was organized in conjunction with the Robben Island Museum (RIM).

According to the event’s organizers, it was scheduled to take place “far from prisons and cemeteries.” The organizers also asserted that the event would not impact the island’s nature or history. In addition, revenues from the event would be donated to a native tree-planting initiative.

It added in a statement, “The goal of the event, as suggested by RIM, was to foster a positive future perception of the island. Diverse participants attended a celebration of racial unity and freedom that would generate revenue for the desperately needed ecological work on the island.

This gathering was designed with the intention of bringing people together in good faith. We anticipated that the endeavor would be recognized in this manner.

The event has been canceled in accord with the Robben Island Museum and apologies are extended for any offense caused by the original concept.

RIM requested that SE host a fundraiser for eco-projects. The objective of the event is to bring people together apart from prisons and graves. However, we’ve received comments and canceled the event. Sincere apologies for any offense caused, as planned with the finest of intentions 4 all. pic.twitter.com/FAXvyJjmrz


»‘Party at Auschwitz?’: Robben Island party receives conflicting opinions«

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