Panic on easyJet Flight as E-Cigarette Ignites in Overhead Cabin, Prompting Investigation

Panic on easyJet Flight as E-Cigarette Ignites in Overhead Cabin, Prompting Investigation

…By Alan Peterson for TDPel Media.

Passengers onboard an easyJet flight experienced moments of panic as an e-cigarette vape pen suddenly burst into flames in the overhead cabin.


The incident occurred shortly after boarding the flight from Geneva, with passengers reporting hearing a popping sound.

Dramatic Footage Captures Flames and Smoke in the Cabin

Footage captured by a passenger shows the overhead locker being opened, revealing an alarming orange glow and smoke emanating from inside.

Quick-thinking, a passenger swiftly removed the flaming pen, which resulted in debris scattering across the cabin of the Airbus A320 aircraft.

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Passengers Brave Flames and Smoke in Attempt to Extinguish Fire

Passengers immediately sprung into action, attempting to extinguish the flames using their hands.

Eventually, the flaming pen was thrown to the floor and stamped out.

However, smoke quickly filled a section of the cabin, causing fearful shouts and cries from passengers.


Moments of Panic and Discomfort in the Air

Describing the ordeal, one passenger recounted, “It seemed like it lasted forever, when it was really only a few seconds, and everything was extinguished very quickly.

There was this smell that got stuck in our throats, and we panicked because we were stuck on a plane.”

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Investigation Underway as Flight Diverts Back to Origin

An easyJet spokesman assured that the incident would undergo a formal investigation following standard procedures.

In response to the fire, the plane had to turn back shortly after takeoff.

The approximately 190 passengers on board were ultimately flown to their intended destination on the following day.


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