On the Auckland-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines flight, schoolchildren handstand

On the Auckland-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines flight, schoolchildren handstand

While instructors and flight attendants looked on, a rowdy schoolchild ran wild on a trip that lasted more than 11 hours.

On a Malaysia Airlines flight from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur, a young man was seen doing a handstand above the aisle while other passengers were compelled to look on.

I don’t believe I will ever complain again after this, the photo’s caption reads, according to one of the flight’s passengers, who shared it on Facebook.

Danielle Little, the passenger who shot the picture, commended the lads for being “really pretty excellent.”

Ms. Little told Daily Mail Australia, “To be honest, the youngster performed maybe four handstands and a phenomenally difficult press-up in the aisle.”

The kids were rather decent; the wildness was more from the other travelers.

School kids handstand, on Malaysia Airlines plane from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur

Social media users criticized the flight attendants and instructors for failing to intervene and discipline the youngster.

One user said, “[If I were] a fellow traveler, I’d be shutting it off right away.”

Another individual said, “Where the f are the teachers?”

A third said, “I would be sending an email to the school to let them know if they were in uniform or attire that indicated the school.”

Other people, though, were happier with the boy’s amusement.

Thought one, “I am amazed by his fitness”

Another person said, “It’s not like he spoiled the sensation of flying.”

“Turbulence must have been enormous,” a third joked.

The airline has been approached by Daily Mail Australia for comment.

Just last week, angry Malaysia Airlines passengers from Kuala Lumpur who were traveling to New Zealand had their planes canceled due to a lack of information.

When it was first abandoned on January 27, numerous consumers tried to get additional information every day but were unsuccessful.

One passenger said, “Still no answer on rebooking of cancelled MH145.”

On February 1, Malaysia Airlines was ultimately allowed to resume its flights to New Zealand.

A notice to affected clients said, “We want to notify you that we have recently gained authorisation to run extra flights between February 1st and 2nd 2023 to enable your quick movement into and out of Auckland.”

»On the Auckland-Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Airlines flight, schoolchildren handstand«

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