Ohio State University Student Dies During Spring Break, Another Suffers Brain Bleed in Mexico

Ohio State University Student Dies During Spring Break, Another Suffers Brain Bleed in Mexico

Henry Meacock, an Ohio State University student from Westfield, New Jersey, has died during Spring Break. His sister confirmed his death on Instagram, although it is unclear where or how he died.

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Meanwhile, another student, Liza Burke, suffered a brain bleed while on Spring Break in Mexico. Burke was found unconscious in her bed and was diagnosed with Arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which is a genetic condition that causes a tangle of blood vessels that irregularly connects arteries and veins, disrupting blood flow and oxygen circulation.

Burke was rushed to a hospital and put on life support before being flown to Florida for further treatment.

Uncertainty around Burke’s AVM diagnosis

It is unclear whether anything aggravated Burke’s AVM condition or whether it was caused by the Spring Break activities.

Burke was enjoying her “last Spring Break” with a large group of friends in Cabo San Lucas, and her condition was discovered only after she complained of a sore head and was found unresponsive by her friends.

Scientists do not know what causes AVM, although it is a genetic condition that tends to affect men more often than women. People are born with the condition, and it can cause brain bleeds later in life.

Concerns about safety during Spring Break

Burke was one of the few Spring Breakers who ventured to Mexico this year, following recent safety concerns triggered by a spate of violent crimes there.

In one incident, three men and a woman from North Carolina were abducted at gunpoint while on a trip booked so that the woman could get a tummy tuck.

Two of the men were shot dead, with the third man and the woman surviving. The cartels behind the crimes have since disowned the men they say are responsible.

Spring Break celebrations continue despite COVID restrictions

With COVID restrictions entirely lifted, tourist authorities hoped for a bumper Spring Break season. A Morning Consult poll found that 30 percent of all U.S. adults said they were planning to take a trip during the Spring Break window (February through April) this year – around the same level as last year.

However, concerns about inflation and the economic situation were weighing on the minds of some. In Panama City, over 200 people have been arrested so far for breaking the law, with many arrested for drinking on the beach, DUI, and possession of narcotics.

Despite the risks, many students from Florida to California were hitting the beaches to soak up the sun.

»Ohio State University Student Dies During Spring Break, Another Suffers Brain Bleed in Mexico«

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