NYC architect’s family calls cruel insurance “vegetative” after hit-and-run

NYC architect’s family calls cruel insurance “vegetative” after hit-and-run

After being hit by a car in New York City, a lady suffered significant brain damage, and her family claims insurance companies won’t pay for therapy because she won’t recover from her close to “vegetative condition.”

In August of last year, Mimi Silver Liebenberg, 37, was looking for an apartment in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights when she crossed the street and was struck by Clossie Spencer, 29.

While he was parked, Spencer backed into Liebenberg with an SUV, and when he saw what he had done, he quickly left the area. Last Monday, he was ultimately taken into custody and charged with assault, leaving the scene of an accident while injured, and careless driving.

After the accident, Liebenberg spent seven weeks in a coma. When she finally came out, she was completely unable of caring for herself and was unable to talk, move her body, remember, or control it.

According to doctors, Liebenberg’s health is unlikely to ever get better, and according to her family, insurance companies have exploited that prediction to discontinue covering therapy.

Mimi Silver Liebenberg, 37, was struck by a car in August as she crossed the street while looking for an apartment in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

Creecy Richardson-Creef, Liebenberg’s sister, told the New York Daily News that the circumstance was a “nightmare that won’t stop.”

She continued, “Our mother, 63 years old, has been with my sister for the past five and a half months in all these hospitals and traumatic brain injury centers.” It has also had a negative impact on my mother’s health.

She said that insurance companies had given up on her sister’s rehabilitation and that it was now a full-time job to convince them to pay for the necessary care.

Their justification, according to Richardson-Creef, is that they don’t believe it to be medically required. She is handled in a subhuman manner.

Liebenberg was left with very limited abilities after emerging from her coma.

Family of NYC architect left 'vegetative' after hit-and-run slam heartless insurers

She needed to be restrained since she was unable to control her arms and legs, according to her sister. She believes she is speaking plainly to herself, but what we hear is gibberish. She is really irritable.

To the everyday anguish of her new existence, Richardson-Creef added that her sister’s recollection was untrustworthy.

We have to keep reminding her that she was struck by a vehicle, she added. “She’s startled and terrified all over again every time,” she says.

Before the catastrophe, Liebenberg was employed in her “dream career” as an architect.

Her sister said that “she went back to school and graduated.” She excelled at her profession and liked doing it.

She had at last arrived, and now she would simply be a person who has to be on Medicaid, get government assistance, and be crippled.

She remarked, “It’s like she’s there, but she’s not.” “She lost her freedom and dignity, and we are unable to aid her.” Her life has been stolen.

Richardson-Creef said, “She enjoyed being in New York.” She adored the music, art, and enthusiasm. She was a kind person who spoke out for those who were marginalized and misunderstood. She is now unable to walk and clean her teeth by herself.

Several months after the incident, Spencer was detained last week.

On August 14, he was shown on camera speeding in reverse along Pacific Street near Buffalo Avenue before running over Liebenberg as she crossed the street.

He was seen in the video getting out of his SUV, walking up to Liebenberg while she laid there, and then getting back into the vehicle and driving away.

He hit Liebenberg while allegedly trying to find a parking space.

Richardson-Creef stated, “I simply don’t comprehend it.”

“This has been the worst thing that has ever happened to my family,” said the victim. “I’m delighted they’ve caught him and I hope the DA will prosecute him to the utmost degree permitted by law.”

She said, “She didn’t do anything wrong; she was just crossing the street.” Because it matters to me, my kids, and my poor mother, I want her life to matter.

»NYC architect’s family calls cruel insurance “vegetative” after hit-and-run«

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