NPower Nexit Training 2022: How To Check Training Date, Status And Availability

Following the announcement by the management team of the Npower Nexit training date, which you can read about here: Breaking News – MGT Announces Nexit Training Date For Exited Npower Beneficiaries.

How To Check NPower Nexit Training Status And Confirm Availability

If you applied for Nexit Scheme and you are interested in participating in the training program, kindly follow the steps below to check and confirm your Nexit Training Status:
1) load your Nexit registered phone number with a recharge card.
2) Simply dial *45665# and select “Nexit” from the options, a new option will open. Kindly select check status to see your eligibility. If you are successfully selected, you will see a pop-up text asking you to confirm training availability.
3) dial *45665# again select Nexit and then check availability to confirm your availability for the training. If your availability is confirmed, you will see a pop-up text stating that you have successfully confirmed your availability for the training in February.
Note: You will be charged 30 Naira by confirming your status with that code and you are also required to do this on or before Friday 4th February to check the status and confirm availability.