Nihal Arthanayke, host of BBC Radio 5 Live, claims British Asian families flee the countryside

Nihal Arthanayke, host of BBC Radio 5 Live, claims British Asian families flee the countryside

Nihal Arthanayake, a BBC radio presenter, has stated that British Asian families shun the countryside due to the misconception that rural places are “white and middle class.”

Nihal Arthanayake attends the launch of 'Let's Talk: How To Have Better Conversations' in London in August
The 51-year-old broadcaster of Radio 5 Live asserts that social media trolls have propagated the myth that rural places are unwelcoming to ethnic minorities, thereby affecting the amount of non-white visitors to some of the United Kingdom’s most recognized landscapes.

Given the close proximity of the Lake District to the cities of Manchester and Sheffield, he was surprised by the small number of Asian families who visit the region.

However, Arthanayake, who is of Sri Lankan heritage, stated in Country Walking magazine that hikers are genuinely pleased to meet them.

In August, Nihal Arthanayake attends the London launch of “Let’s Talk: How To Have Better Conversations.”A general view of walkers enjoying sunrise over the Great Ridge at the Peak District, where 19 million people visit every year

A general view of hikers enjoying daybreak atop the Great Ridge in the Peak District, which is visited by 19 million people annually.

Nihal Arthanayake is a BBC radio presenter.

Arthanayake is a journalist, author, and the host of BBC 4’s Winter Walks.

According to the BBC’s list of on-air pay for 2021/22, he received between £150,000 and £154,999 for his duties with the organization.

While he was still completing his A-levels, he began his career by marketing rap concerts in his home county of Essex.

Arthanayake also created his own nightclub, the Bombay Bronx, in May 2004, citing it as an opportunity to demonstrate his affinity for Asian-influenced rap music.

In 1999, he began hosting “Webwise” live for BBC Two, which was his first television engagement.

The radio host was then granted the opportunity to replace Chris Moyles on BBC Radio 1.

Regarding his dog Luna, he engaged in a spat with fellow presenter Ben Fogle in 2019.

The broadcaster of BBC 5 Live revealed to his audience that his wife Eesha had had an unpleasant incident in a park with a man who cautioned his child not to approach her Staffie because it is a dangerous breed.

Fogle said it was a case of mistaken identity and that he had never been to the area in issue.

He stated, “There is a barrier; a preconception, frequently propagated by social media trolls, that the countryside is essentially white and middle class.”

I believe it has an effect because I am often shocked by how few Asian families I see in the Peak District, given the proximity of the cities of Manchester and Sheffield.

“However, when you step outside, you will discover that the vast majority of people are simply pleased.

“I am delighted to be there and to see you.

“We reside in one of the most liberal nations on the planet, and whether I’m travelling alone or with my family, I’ve never felt anything but welcome.”

“The more people we can convince that walking is healthy, lovely, and normal, the fewer obstacles will exist.

And the more talks people have when outside, the more they will feel like they belong there.

“Simply idle chatter. However, they make a significant impact.

A Countryfile episode from June 2020 examined independent research conducted by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, indicating that the perception of the countryside has a lengthy history.

The survey indicated that people from ethnic minorities feel unwanted in the countryside due to its “white milieu.”

Ellie Harrison, the show’s host at the time, defended the piece by stating that the British countryside is racist and that white people must realize they have profited from the past.

An estimated thirteen million people visit the Peak District annually, which spans five counties: Derbyshire, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Yorkshire, and Greater Manchester.

Twenty million people live within an hour’s drive of the scenic area, while fifty million live within four hours’ drive.

»Nihal Arthanayke, host of BBC Radio 5 Live, claims British Asian families flee the countryside«

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