Newly Released FBI Files Expose Plot to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II During 1983 California Visit

Newly Released FBI Files Expose Plot to Assassinate Queen Elizabeth II During 1983 California Visit

…By Roland Peterson for TDPel Media.

A newly disclosed collection of FBI files has brought to light a potential conspiracy to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to California in 1983.


The documents reveal that the threat originated from a phone call made by an individual who claimed that his daughter had been killed in Northern Ireland by a rubber bullet.

The files also mention a bar known to be frequented by sympathizers of the Irish Republican Army (IRA).

Historical Context and Specific Threats Identified

The British monarch had previously faced dangers linked to the IRA’s opposition to British rule in Northern Ireland.

In 1979, IRA paramilitaries executed a bomb attack that killed Louis Mountbatten, the last colonial governor of India and an uncle of Prince Philip.

According to the files, the man who made the phone call expressed intentions to harm the queen by either dropping an object off the Golden Gate Bridge onto the royal yacht Britannia or attempting an assassination when she visited Yosemite National Park.

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Ever-Present Threat to British Monarchy Highlighted

Another document from 1989 acknowledges that while there were no specific threats against Queen Elizabeth II known to the FBI, the Irish Republican Army continuously posed a potential threat to the British monarchy.


The file emphasizes that the possibility of threats against the monarchy should never be underestimated.

Previous Attempts on Queen Elizabeth II’s Life

Over the years, there have been reported instances of plots and attempts to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II.

In 1970, suspected IRA sympathizers unsuccessfully attempted to derail her train in Australia.

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In 1981, the IRA made an unsuccessful bombing attempt during her visit to Shetland, Scotland.

In the same year, a mentally disturbed teenager fired a single shot at her car during a trip to New Zealand, and another teenager fired blanks at her during the Trooping the Colour parade in central London.

In summary, the recently unveiled FBI files shed light on a potential plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her 1983 visit to California.

While the specific threat was linked to a phone call made by an individual claiming retaliation for their daughter’s death in Northern Ireland, the documents also highlight the ongoing danger posed by the IRA.

These revelations provide further insight into the risks faced by the British monarchy and the measures taken to ensure their safety.


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