New York real estate salesman SLAPS airline passenger opening window shade

Eric Goldie, a New York real estate agent, apparently had had enough of a fellow traveler leaning across to open the window shade.

So much so that he decided to “take things into his own hands” and smack the unidentified hand while videotaping the tense exchange.

Six million people have seen Goldie’s TikTok of the event, which has now generated an ongoing internet debate over proper behavior during flights.

As the second passenger tries to open the shade behind them, a frazzled-looking Goldie, who has more than 150 thousand followers on TikTok and Instagram, smacks their hands away twice in the video.

Many people expressed their support for Goldie’s noble deeds in the comments area.

One commentator asked, “Who has the arrogance to try MULTIPLE TIMES after being told no?”

“I believe that this would have roused latent violence in me.” like shattered fingers,” said another.

Goldie produced a follow-up video to further defend his vigilantism, arguing that the window’s placement called for a reaction. This means that Goldie had complete control over the window, which was not shared by any other passengers.

New York real estate agent SLAPS hand of plane passenger who kept trying to open his window shade

Proper airplane etiquette has evolved into its own conversation in the internet era as harried and irate travelers of all shades post their stories and comments.

A lady told a tale earlier this month about how she shielded a fellow traveler from a cunning effort at a seat exchange.

In a recent video that has received more than 2.5 million views, Seattle-based TikTok creator @not.christinayang described her experience on a ‘four or five-hour’ journey from Hawaii to Seattle.

The passenger said that she was seated in a three-seat row in premium economy when the person next to her was requested to switch places so that she could sit with her buddy.

A creator said that during the trip, a passenger in the aisle seat requested that the Japanese lady in the middle seat transfer seats.

She observes the Asian woman sitting next to me. “Let’s exchange seats, I’m back in 26,” she offers.

We’re in premium economy, keep in mind. We’re like in row eight, and there are free food and beverages all the time. Therefore, the woman sitting next to me says, “Oh, you know we move seats? Oh, yeah, OK.

She then tries to get up, and I say, “No!”

The woman responds, “Oh, but it’s a window seat, and it’s so much nicer than the center seat that she has “”, she reflected.

Except that we are traveling together, I was like, “Except. Hello? Naturally, given that we are both Asian, we are acquainted. And seat 26 is not first class; it seems that the restroom is back there. No!”

Thousands of comments on the TikTok video have criticized the passenger who requested the seat switch, while others have found amusement in the situation.

“Let’s change.” Some people are so entitled that they can’t even say, “Would you mind exchanging with me?”, another asked.

Or, her companion may have sat down next to her after moving back. Another person chimed in, “You don’t ask someone to downgrade for your convenience.”

Someone from row 26 would have likely accepted the free upgrade if it had been that crucial, a third individual wrote.

Someone another simply said, “You’re a hero.”

»New York real estate salesman SLAPS airline passenger opening window shade«

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