Mother laments about how uncomfortable she is in her new home

Dear Displaced in the South,

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling depressed since moving to Florida to be near your daughter and granddaughters due to health reasons. Even though it was a rational decision, it’s understandable that the unfamiliar surroundings and the absence of your best friend have made the transition difficult.

The symptoms you’ve described are indicative of a deep depression, and it’s important to seek help before it becomes chronic. I suggest considering sessions with a licensed mental health advisor to help you adjust to your new circumstances and explore options for social interaction.

It’s unfortunate that your husband hasn’t been supportive when you try to talk to him about how you feel, and I urge you to communicate with him about the seriousness of your depression. Perhaps he doesn’t understand the gravity of the situation and the impact it’s having on you.

Lastly, I wish you had consulted me before relocating to Florida permanently. I would have advised you to rent for a year to ensure your happiness in Florida before making a permanent move.

Take care of yourself and seek the help you need.

»Mother laments about how uncomfortable she is in her new home«

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